48 Beautiful Tattoos For Women Over 40

Because age is just a number.

Every time someone asks me about the best types of tattoos for women in the later stages of their lives, I always recommend getting whatever they think is beautiful. Tattoos are art, and a way to express yourself in a way that makes you happy. Age does not dictate design, but if you’re looking for designs that women over 40 tend to prefer more than others on average, here are a few that fit the bill.

This floral heart.

Floral heart by Zihee

A feminine tattoo if there ever was one, this design can be described as a better, more creative version of your typical heart tattoo design. (Photo: Zihee)

This connecting leaf.

Connecting leaf by Maan Simbajon

I never quite understood why people choose to get tattoos of leaves, but this design makes me understand a little better. Connecting tattoo designs are a cool concept. Usually the feet and hands are where most of the connecting tattoo designs live, and that’s probably why this connecting tattoo—with its unique location—instantly caught our attention. (Photo: Maan Simbajon)

This floral crown.

Floral crown by Tina Choi

We stopped at a crowded tattoo shop last weekend and noticed a woman getting a tattoo almost identical to this one. About 5 hours later, I was home and happened to stumble upon this little beauty and thought the coincidence was too great to pass up. Maybe it will give me good luck! (Photo: Tina Choi)

This beaming lighthouse.

Lighthouse by Hello Tattoo

If you’re a frequent reader (yes we have a few!) then you may remember we dedicated a complete article to these beacons of light way back when. And if we would have had this design back then, you can bet it definitely would have made the list. (Photo: Hello Tattoo)

This horse.

Horse by Ray

Another one of my favorite artists as of late is Ray, the owner of Samurai Tattoo in Shanghai. He’s relatively unknown right now, but we’re trying to get his work out there as much as possible. His skill, creativity, and the quality of his work are on par with the best artists in the world. You’ll definitely be seeing a lot more of his work here. (Photo: Ray)

This portal.

by Nando

I spent a minimum of 5 minutes staring at this tattoo design. And if you think five minutes isn’t that long to be staring at a tattoo, try it yourself and you’ll soon realize how wrong you are. We love Nando, and have been featuring his work on our site since day one. (Photo: Nando)

This floral crescent moon.

Floral crescent moon

In case you didn’t know, floral crescent moons are, and have been trending for a the past few years in the world of women’s tattoo design. I mean, it’s easy to see why. They’re beautiful, and it’s a great way to make flowers, or a crescent moon, more interesting than either subject would be on its own. (Photo: Tatuaggi)

This dot necklace.

Dotted necklace by Manu3occhio

The artist describes this piece as a “dot to dot necklace,” but perhaps a better label would be a “clavicle choker.” Okay, for everyone’s sake we’ll stop trying to coin new phrases since we’re about 0-20 this year. But the way this jewelry follows the line of the clavicle just inspires the inner wordsmith in us. (Photo: Manu3occhio)

This stunning poppy.

Stunning poppy by Amanda Wachob

Amanda Wachob is the queen of colorful floral forearm pieces. Her work speaks for itself, but whenever we showcase one of her designs the Likes, Pins, and comments are seemingly never-ending. This poppy is one of those designs that you really need to see in person to truly appreciate. (Photo: Amanda Wachob)

This pet rabbit.

by Youyeon

From the moment I laid eyes upon this beautiful bunny rabbit tattoo, it reminded me of my a pet rabbit I had when I was a little kid, which I sadly don’t remember what happened to. I don’t think it escaped, I don’t remember it dying, and there’s no way my mom let it hit the dinner table so humm. (Photo: Youyeon)