48 Beautiful Tattoos For Women Over 40

Because age is just a number.

This beautiful chest piece.

Large chest piece by Olga Koroleva

While many women would initially think this design is strictly for the young and uncommitted, others would argue the exact opposite. And coming from someone that views thousands of tattoos a week, I can tell you that these type of designs are most common among more mature women, and for good reason; they are absolutely beautiful, and more mature women tend to gravitate to larger designs where beauty takes center stage. (Photo: Olga Koroleva)

This Monet.

A Monet by Youyeon

An oldie but a goodie. Unlike some of the more complicated designs which require a top 10 tattooist to pull off, impressionism inspired tattoo designs are beautiful, trendy, and most artists are able to pull them off.  (Photo: Youyeon)

This hummingbird.

Hummingbird by Olga Koroleva

Flower and hummingbird tattoos are popular designs own their own, so choosing to couple them together can give you the best of both worlds, as seen in the design above. Did you that a hummingbird is the only bird that can fly backwards? (Photo: Olga Koroleva)

This melting clock.

Salvador Dali tattoo by Vasıf Daniel Kahraman

Fine art is awesome, timeless, and a perfect tattoo choice for women of all ages. Few art-inspired tattoos are as popular as Dali’s melting clocks, but what really stands out about this design is the placement of the clock, which appears to melt off the edge of the subjects shoulder. (Photo: Vasıf Daniel Kahraman)

This elephant in the water.

Elephant in the water by Eva Krbdk

A personal favorite of mine, this elephant wading through water possesses a beautiful mix of color and a level of detail that’s unmistakably Eva’s. (Photo: Eva Krbdk)

This lavender piece.

Lavender ankle piece by Ductuan

Because the ankle is such a popular location for baby boomers and generation Xers, you probably fell in love with this design the second you saw it. Lavender sprigs have a unique structure which makes them popular choices for those interested in floral designs. (Photo: Ductuan)

These lotus flowers.

Lotus flowers by Victoria Do

When it comes to floral tattoos, or any type of tattoo design for that matter, style is everything. Meaning that no matter what flower you choose, with the right artist, you can come away with a magical, where-in-the-world-did-you-get-that tattoo design. (Photo: Victoria Do)

This tablecloth.

Tablecloth by Youyeon

Okay, obviously you’re not going to run out and get this design at your local tattoo shop, but I wanted to include this design to show you an elegant example of a design that you probably never would have imagined possible. (Photo: Youyeon)

This seashell.

Seashell tattoo by Michele Volpi

In my opinion, seashells are some of the most underrated tattoo designs out there. Flowers, butterflies, and cute animals are nice, but seashells remind you of the ocean, and more specifically, the sound of the ocean which is all the more romantic. (Photo: Michele Volpi)

This mountain range.

Mountain range tattoo by Vasıf Daniel Kahraman

This mountain range is about as magical as you can get without actually visiting the Swiss Alps in person. These cute illustration type tattoo designs aren’t just for tweens and hipsters. (Photo: Vasıf Daniel Kahraman)