48 Incredible Wolf Tattoos That Are Anything But Ordinary

Our love affair with wolves continues.

Remember that blanket your grandma had with the huge grey wolf on it howling at the moon? That blanket was what planted the tiny seed in your brain that would eventually develop into a strong urge telling you to get one of nature’s most cunning creatures forever inked into your skin as soon as possible. Well, maybe not. But the point is, wolves are awesome, beautiful, and the ancestors of man’s best friend so why not get a wolf tattoo?

In recent years, the wolf population has made a huge comeback. Once hunted nearly to extinction, the wolf population has managed to rebound due to conservation efforts in spite of an ever-shrinking habitat. But sadly enough, wolves are still being hunted for sport with the approval of our government.

If you end up deciding to get a wolf tattoo, we sincerely hope you will use it to bring attention to the wolf conservation effort around the world. Read on for more information about wolves and check out some of the best examples of wolf tattoo designs you’re likely to ever see.

This beautiful back shoulder piece.

Wolf tattoo on back shoulder by Ariel Nirakara

Since wolves are already mostly black and grey, choosing to use only black and grey ink comes easy for artists looking for a classic yet realistic result. This gorgeous side shot of a wolf features a few branches of leaves to give you a feeling of the wolf’s natural surroundings.  (Photo: Ariel Nirakara)

This blue-eyed wolf tattoo.

Blue-eyed wolf tattoo by Tattooist Banul

Our favorite design on the list, the soft lines and subtle addition of watercolor ink give this piece an overwhelming feminine feel. If you love this elegant style of design, be sure to check out Banul’s Instagram page for a portfolio that will consume the next 30 minutes of your life.  (Photo: Tattooist Banul)

This divided forearm piece.

Divided wolf tattoo on forearm by Urban Art

Splitting the wolf’s face into two different styles is a popular trend when it comes to wolf tattoos. On the abstract side, you’ll typically see two different styles of design; mandala patterns or geometric lines and shapes. This artist did a particularly good job of seamlessly blending the two styles together to create an almost morphing effect.  (Photo: Urban Art)

This sketch style wolf tattoo.

Sketch style wolf tattoo by Fervescent

Oh, and sometimes the other half is just….nothing. This is a common trend we’ve been seeing applied to a variety of different animals, not just wolves. However, out of all of the designs of this “half there” style we have come across, this sketched design has the most attractive lines by far.    (Photo: Fervescent)

This black and grey ink wolf tattoo.

Black and grey ink realistic wolf tattoo by Fervescent

Wolves can have a number of different eye colors. Eye colors include grey, brown, yellow, green, and orange, with all varying shades of lightness/darkness but you will never see a wolf with two different color eyes. Heterochromia, the trait which gives huskies and cats different colored eyes is not found in wolves.  (Photo: Fervescent)

This vivid watercolor work.

Vivid watercolor wolf tattoo by Erick Silva

If you’re looking for something colorful and you’re not afraid of little attention, then something along the lines of this over-the-top psychedelic masterpiece might be right for you. Yellow piercing eyes, indian feathers, white ink accents, and whimsical watercolor work will definitely make you one with the universe.  (Photo: Erick Silva)

This feathered dreamcatcher design.

Feathered dreamcatcher wolf tattoo by Yula Yulasha

Here we have another spiritual wolf tattoo complete with a dreamcatcher and spiky eyebrow. While vivid watercolor designs are always impressive, the use of color sparingly paired with black and grey ink always does the trick.  (Photo: Yula Yulasha)

This wolf howling at the moon.

Wolf howling at the moon by Zeke Yip

If you’re looking for something more abstract, then this geometric wolf tattoo is a perfect choice. Zeke adds depth to the geometric shapes with the addition of a little dotwork shading to give the wolf a low poly appearance.  (Photo: Zeke Yip)