48 Beautiful Tattoos For Women Over 40

Because age is just a number.

This songbird.

Songbird by Victoria Do

Birds and flowers are both so beautiful. So you can’t really go wrong with either of the two design choices, let alone a combination of the two. (Photo: Victoria Do)

This intricate owl

Ornamental owl by Pedro Contessoto

We all know how much grandma appreciates the heck out of her old ornate coffee table that has like a million things going on with the design. Not to say ornate designs aren’t beautiful (’cause they are) just that older people tend to appreciate more ornamental designs more than their younger counterparts.(Photo: Pedro Contessoto)

This cosmic portal.

Cosmic portal by Adrian Bascur

Here we have another trendy type design that demonstrates just how beautiful futuristic designs can be. (Photo: Adrian Bascur)

This beautiful composition.

by Bryan Gutierrez

Whether you’re looking for something elegant or not. You can’t help but appreciate the vision and creativity that it took to pull of this gorgeous design. (Photo: Bryan Gutierrez)

This slice of paradise.

Tropical paradise by Carlos Eduardo

Sometimes just an image of a tropical getaway is enough to lower your blood pressure and calm the senses. So we’re assuming that having one inked into your skin would put you into a state of absolute bliss. (Photo: Carlos Eduardo)

This tragedy.

by Lina Kiedis

There’s nothing more powerful than a sentimental tattoo design that evokes the emotion of a memory, person, or event. A picture is worth a thousand words, but that doesn’t mean words can’t be powerful on their own. (Photo: Lina Kiedis)

These elegant flowers.

Elegant flowers by Youyeon

We’re not exactly sure what type of flowers these are but they sure are beautiful. The subtle addition of pink ink gives the design a super elegant feel. (Photo: Youyeon)

This skull.

Floral skull by Youyeon

Yes, skulls are ominous and a symbol of death. But when surrounded by this wonderful wreath of flowers, this skull looks as harmless as a dove that’s tested negative for bird flu. (Photo: Youyeon)

This owl.

Owl by Baris Yesilbas

When creative minds are set free, amazing things like this just happen all by themselves. (Photo: Baris Yesilbas)

This puppy.

Puppy by Mini Lau

Everyone loves their dogs, and what better way to celebrate their memory than to enshrine them in ink for eternity. (Photo: Mini Lau)


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