These Gorgeous Crystal Tattoos Will Definitely Test Your Willpower

They're literally on point.

They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend but these show-stopping crystal clusters will have you Yelping local tattoo artists faster than you can say “Yes, please.” Scroll through for the ultimate in crystal tattoo designs.

This single crystal.

Crystal gem by Tattooist Doy

(Photo: Tattooist Doy)

This thigh piece.

Crystal thigh piece by Johno

(Photo: Johno)

This black and grey ink crystal cluster tattoo.

Black and grey ink crystal cluster by Pari Corbitt

(Photo: Pari Corbitt)

This pink crystal cluster.

Pink crystal cluster by Mini Lau

(Photo: Mini Lau)

This neon forearm piece.

Neon forearm piece by Kate Shocrylas

(Photo: Kate Shocrylas)

This fascinating wrist piece.

Fascinating wrist piece by Igor Maslennikov

(Photo: Igor Maslennikov)

This gradient cluster.

Gradient crystal cluster by Nadya Natassya

(Photo: Nadya Natassya)

This thigh assortment.

Thigh assortment by WAZ

(Photo: WAZ)

This mini cluster.

Mini crystal cluster by Panta Choi

(Photo: Panta Choi)

This colorless crystal.

Colorless crystal by Marla Moon

(Photo: Marla Moon)

This back piece.

Blackwork back piece by Ira Shmarinova

(Photo: Ira Shmarinova)