20 Tattoos That Won’t Get You a Promotion

Very visible styles to try now.

If you show up to work with any of the tattoos listed below, you may quickly find yourself promoted to customer. Unless you have a cool job, visual tattoos are usually a no no (thankfully this is slowly starting to change). But for those of you who just don’t care, face and neck tattoos possess a certain “cool factor” that makes them uniquely fashionable.

Today we’ve put together a pretty fascinating list of very visible tattoos that people far braver than us have chosen to live with. Let us know what you think.

This chain link fence.

by WebMC

When it comes to cool concepts, this chain link fence design is tough to beat. If you head over to the Italian’s Instagram, you can check out a few different variations of his chain link tats.     (Photo: WebMC)

These eyes.

Eyelid tattoos by Kyle Roots

Cool or creepy, depending on who you ask, these clever eyelid tattoos are usually reserved for film. But. Hey. Why not? (Photo: Kyle Roots)

This spider.

by Barb Rebelo

Spider tattoos seem to be a popular choice when it comes to face tattoos. As you can see here, this spider is definitely the star of the show. Location is great. And the unique web pattern gives this design a little originality which always goes a long way.  (Photo: Barb Rebelo)


Antisocial by Reyner Tapia

Many of us would consider ourselves antisocial, but this young woman owns it in a very public way. (Photo: Reyner Tapia)


Ascend by Watsun Atkinsun

It took me a little bit to realize that this was more than just a pattern. The word “ascend” can be seen towards the top of the skull which adds a little more substance to this design. It’s all in the details.  (Photo: Watsun Atkinsun)

This web.

by Matina Marinou

Tatting other artists is always a nerve-wracking situation. The pressure to do your best work is always there.  (Photo: Matina Marinou)

This gradient mandala.

Gradient mandala by Tony Kennedy

There are bold statements and then there are bold statements. This is the latter. Sometimes you get so inspired by an artist’s work that you make life-changing decisions. Who knows if that’s the case here but this is definitely a life-changing decision. The colors, the symmetry, everything just comes together perfectly. (Photo: Tony Kennedy)

This dagger.

by Ryon Mason

An addition to upstaging a Playboy bunny, this dagger is as unique as it is terrifying. A spider’s legs can be seem protruding from a skull as well as the petals of a blossoming flower in the reflection of the blade. (Photo: Ryon Mason)

This ornamental design.

by Watsun Atkinsun

Nordic symbols always have a mysterious vibe to them. Most people aren’t familiar with Nordic/Norse designs but everyone seems to like them. Reminiscent of crop circles, Nordic symbols are a mixture of geometric shapes and old world characters. (Photo: Watsun Atkinsun)

This blackberry branch.

Blackberry branch by Ubler Friedrich

Burgundy, black, and dark grey makes for a wonderful color combination for those looking for something a little more interesting than traditional black and grey. (Photo: Ubler Friedrich)

This textured headpiece.

Textured head piece by Paul Booth

Per Paul Booth, the lightly done edges of this piece will fade into the skin tone once this piece heals. We’ll definitely be keeping tabs on Paul’s Instagram in hopes of an updated snap of this design once it has healed. (Photo: Paul Booth)

Custom lettering.

Custom lettering by Matteo Rocco

LCF, in case you were wondering. (Photo: Matteo Rocco)

This cathedral.

Cathedral by Gracie Gosling

Lately we’ve been seeing designs that incorporate specific hair lines into their overall design. Here we have an inverted gothic cathedral that hugs a v-shaped section of hair. Cool, creative, and easily concealable should she choose to run for President. (Photo: Gracie Gosling)

This parental advisory label.

Via Job Stoppers

If you remember this little doo diddy, you’re probably getting old. You’ll also notice that the word “lyrics” has been replaced with “content.” No doubt a warning to every parent that they should keep their daughters away.  (Photo: Job Stoppers)

These geometric designs.

Geometric designs by Adina

Two very different geometric patterns merge in perfect transition between light and dark. (Photo: Adina)


Einstein by Little Andy

You can spot Andy’s work from a mile a way due to his distinct style. While this tattoo is easily covered, our guess is that that won’t be happening anytime soon. (Photo: Little Andy)

This very visible line.

by Karo Dame

On the tasteful list of facial tattoos, this one ranks number one. It just looks as if it belongs. (Photo: Karo Dame)

These words.

via Avron Geordano Kamagi

One thing is for sure; it all started with one word. Then we’re guessing things just snowballed from there. While it’s not clear if these words of comfort, inspiration, and acceptance are meant as reminders to oneself or just lettering practice for his favorite artist, they are positive. (Photo: Avron Geordano Kamagi)

These Nordic symbols.

Nordic symbols by Watsun Atkinsun

I’d like to think that all Viking warriors were inked like this. (Photo: Watsun Atkinsun)

This spider.

Spider face tattoo by Felipe Kross

We’ve all had spiders on our heads at one time or another. But this fella rocks a straight horrifying arachnid all day everyday.  (Photo: Felipe Kross)


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