48 Magnificent Moon Tattoo Designs & Ideas

No butt cracks here.

This elephant and his ball.

Dotwork Moon Tattoo by Anna Bravo

If you haven’t seen an elephant pushing a ball with stars on it around a circus tent, then your childhood was severely lacking. Or ours was. Either way, this elephant tattoo is absolutely amazing. (Photo: Anna Bravo)

This crescent-shaped mandala moon.

Crescent Moon Tattoo by Ishi Neve

Another fantastic example proving that mandala designs go with anything and everything. (Photo: Ishi Neve)

This cat sitting on a crescent moon.

Watercolor Cat & Moon Tattoo by Jainha Espadas

Here we have the outline of a cat sitting in a crescent moon splashed with drips of watercolor ink. (Photo: Jainha Espadas)

This fancy moon with a face.

Fancy Moon with a Face Tattoo by Christopher Worker

Scrolling designs decorate this female moon’s pronounced chin and forehead while a large negative space star burns brightly in the background. (Photo: Christopher Worker)

This beautiful black & grey ink moon.

Black & Grey Moon Tattoo by Ariel Niräkära

Here we have an incredible dotwork moon decorating the thigh of this lucky individual. The numerous dark colored craters look almost like the continents of Earth. (Photo: Ariel Niräkära)

These dotwork flowers.

Dotwork Moon Tattoo by Jake Heery

(Photo: Jake Heery)

This wonderful watercolor work.

Watercolor Moon Tattoo by Krist Karloff

Cosmic watercolor goodness wanders down this mans forearm like spilled milk. (Photo: Krist Karloff)

This neo traditional blue moon.

Neo Traditional Moon Tattoo by Fraser Peek

Fraser’s neo traditional work is some of the best we’ve seen. If you haven’t checked him out yet, head over to his Facebook page for his full portfolio.

This tiny galaxy.

Tiny Moon Tattoo by Masa

Now this is cool. Every teenage girls dream tattoo? I think so.  (Photo: Masa)

These horizontal moon phases.

Moon Phases Tattoo by Dexter Kay

All lined up like ducks in a row. (Photo: Dexter Kay)