48 Magnificent Moon Tattoo Designs & Ideas

No butt cracks here.

This tiny branch.

Small Moon Tattoo Design by Oggysxm

This crescent moon includes a bit of flora and a fading dotwork gradient. (Photo: Oggysxm)

This gorgeous full moon.

Detailed Moon Tattoo by Bruna Pereira

When it comes to close up tattoos of the lunar surface, this one takes the cake. This large illuminated surface of the moon includes the very visible Tycho crater in the bottom right quadrant. The Tycho crater was named after Danish astronomer Tycho Brahe and is said to be apx. 108 million years old. (Photo: Bruna Pereira)

This intricate crescent moon.

Intricate Crescent Moon Tattoo by Paula Sgarbi & Kadu Antonioli

(Photo: Paula Sgarbi & Kadu Antonioli)

These blackwork roses.

Rose Moon Tattoo by Heidi Kaye

This gorgeous crescent moon is everything anyone looking for a feminine moon tattoo could ever hope or wish for. Bold black lines encase a beautiful pattern of colorless roses. (Photo: Heidi Kaye)

These matching phases of the moon tattoos.

Matching Phases of the Moon Tattoo by Caleb Cashew

“Let’s get matching lunar phase tattoos on our legs,” said these two friends. Well, we’re glad you did ’cause they turned out great! (Photo: Caleb Cashew)

This sacred geometry symbol.

Amazing Moon Tattoo by Ariel Niräkära

A crescent moon’s chiseled profile looks at ease while a cosmic sacred geometry symbol shines in the background. (Photo: Ariel Niräkära)

This dotwork floral combination.

Dotwork Moon Tattoo by Hira Lupe

One of our favorites, this dotwork crescent moon is decorated with a few beautifully shaded flowers with leaves still attached. (Photo: Hira Lupe)

This black and grey ink cratered moon.

Black and Grey Ink Moon Tattoo by Kace

Here we have a small moon throwing some pretty deep shadows. (Photo: Case)

This lovely watercolor work.
Watercolor Black Ink Moon Tattoo by Luvinroll

This crescent moon was done in a watercolor style while only using black and grey ink which is a welcome departure from the usual vibrant colors used in the style. (Photo: Luvinroll)

This cosmic star and moon.

Cosmic Moon and Star Tattoo

This galaxy-filled symbol of Islam looks like a window into the universe. The symbol of Islam has been used for thousands of years—it’s origins lost in time. (Photo: Guns One)