48 Magnificent Moon Tattoo Designs & Ideas

No butt cracks here.

This tiny rose-filled crescent moon tattoo.

Crescent Moon Rose Tattoo by Grace LaMorte

Another delightful rose-filled moon tattoo. (Photo: Grace LaMorte)

This watercolor love quote.

Watercolor Love Quote Tattoo by Jennifer Fowler

“I love you right up to the moon and back.” Which happens to be 768,800 km. (Photo: Jennifer Fowler)

This delightful thigh piece.

Moon Tattoo by Emi Lynn Holler

This piece was inspired by a songbook. We’re not quite sure what a songbook is but this piece is oh so cool to look at. (Photo: Emi Lynn Holler)

This lovely linework moon tattoo.

Linework Moon Tattoo by Sasha Masiuk

Looking so much like a wooden moon. (Photo: Sasha Masiuk)

This fantastic full moon tattoo.

Full Moon Tattoo by Noksi

Boom. Bam. In your face awesome. (Photo: Noksi)

This linework constellation.

Constellation Moon Tattoo by Sasha Masiuk

This sleepy crescent moon gets a little linework shading. (Photo: Sasha Masiuk)

This mandala/floral moon.

Mandala Moon Tattoo by Becky Salter

(Photo: Becky Salter)

These colorful phases.

Phases of the Moon by Smek Tattoo

(Smek Tattoo)


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