45 Iconic Marilyn Monroe Tattoos That Will Leave You In Awe

This famous artwork.

Marylin Monroe Tattoo by Fraser Peek

(Photo: Fraser Peek)

Marilyn smoking a cig

Marilyn Monroe Smoking Tattoo

Not exactly a spitting image of the blonde beauty but it’s still a great piece. It looks more like a tattoo of Lady Gaga or possibly even Madonna.

This reoccurring pose

Forearm Marilyn Monroe Tattoo

Photo | Stefano Alcantara

Definitely one of Marilyn’s favorite poses as seen in numerous different photos throughout her career.

This gorgeous watercolor tattoo

Marilyn Monroe Watercolor Tattoo

This smeared watercolor tattoo shows half of Marilyn’s face dripping with color while the other half looks like it’s been washed away.

This zombie tattoo

Unique Marilyn Monroe Tattoo

And this is probably the closest representation of what Marilyn actually looks like right now in the grave. All zombified and what not. The artist did an awesome job on the color scheme using just the right amount of red and blue to accent the piece.

Marilyn in horn rims

Marilyn Monroe In Glasses Tattoo
Photo | James Tattoo

Marilyn was photographed wearing these horned-rimmed glasses a number of different times. This tattoo was obviously based on this iconic photo.

This geometric-shaped portrait

Geometric Shape Marilyn Monroe Tattoo

A unique twist on the usual black and white portraits we’re use to seeing. This artist created a bust of Marilyn Monroe using only shapes consisting of straight lines. The result is an an amazingly proportionate and realistic design.

This smoky scene

great marilyn monroe tattoo

One of the only designs to capture Marilyn’s light blue eyes. Bravo.

This thigh tattoo

Thigh Marilyn Monroe Tattoo

Only a select few people probably get to see this tattoo in all it’s glory.

This dark shoulder piece

Female Marilyn Monroe Shoulder Tattoo

Is that a cigarette in her mouth?

This youthful portrait

Young Marilyn Monroe Tattoo

This tattoo looks like it was based off of a younger photo of Marilyn. It kind of reminds me of Shirley Temple.

This heavy-eyed beauty

Gorgeous Marilyn Monroe Tattoo