45 Iconic Marilyn Monroe Tattoos That Will Leave You In Awe

This pin-up illustration

Pin-up Marilyn Monroe Tattoo

Photo | Black Anchor

Marilyn getting her skirt blown up. Classic.

This amazing forearm tattoo

Perfect Marilyn Monroe Tattoo

It looks like someone licked the back of a photo and stuck it to this person’s arm. It doesn’t get much better than this.

This pastel back piece

Pastel Marilyn Monroe Tattoo

This artistic piece incorporates just the right amount of color with a timeless black and white portrait of Marilyn.

These classic beauties

Best Marilyn Monroe Tattoo

Forearm Marilyn Monroe Tattoo

Marilyn Monroe Wrist Tattoo

Marilyn Monroe Smoking

Portrait Marilyn Monroe Tattoo


This leg tattoo

Marilyn Leg Tattoo

The black and white portrait looks great along with those cheetah spots.

Marilyn blasted

Marilyn Monroe with Tattoos

Why is this tattoo so amazing?

Marilyn chewing gum

Marilyn Monroe Bubble Gum Tattoo

A play on “Pink Bubble Gum” by Michael Moebius.

This oval-shaped piece

Marilyn Monroe tattoo

Photo | Joel Salter