45 Iconic Marilyn Monroe Tattoos That Will Leave You In Awe

The iconic white dress

Marilyn Monroe White Dress Tattoo

Photo | David Corden

This tattoo is pretty much picture perfect. David proves again why he’s one of the best in the world.

This Jun Cha piece

Best Marilyn Monroe Tattoo

Photo | Jun Cha

If this is the first time you’re seeing Jun’s work, then you have a long night ahead of you. Without a doubt one of my favorite artists, his style and technique are truly out of this world.

This red-lipped siren

Awesome Marilyn Monroe Tattoo

Photo | Ryan Hadley

This portrait of Marilyn laying down does an excellent job capturing her playful innocence that made her one of history’s most notable sex symbols.

This dazzling thigh piece

Glamorous Marilyn Monroe Tattoo

Photo | Robert Pho

The lights/camera flashes in the background are a nice touch.

This simple forearm tattoo

Cute Marilyn Monroe Tattoo

It would be cool to incorporate this design around a real mole.

Marilyn with her glasses again

Glasses Marilyn Monroe Tattoo

Such a beautiful tattoo.

Forearm with flowers

Sexy Marilyn Monroe Tattoo

Photo | Maris Pavlo

This tattoo on the side

Large Side Marilyn Monroe Tattoo

Love the location.

This Chanel inspired piece

Bubble Gum Marilyn Monroe Tattoo

Photo | Adam Kremer

This Czech born artist has got some serious skills. For more check out his Facebook page. 


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