43 Spectacular State of Michigan Tattoos

This green spartan tattoo

Spartan State of Michigan tattooGo Green!

This mashup of all things Michigan

Made in Michigan tattoo

Rep the mitten. Interstate 96, the M-10, University of Michigan football, the Detroit Red Wings, Tigers, Ford Motors, Detroit area code, and a fist bump for good measure.

This tasteful use of gradient shading

State of Michigan Gradient tattoo

The upper peninsula is so often forgotten. Sigh.

This sports fan’s mitten ink

State of Michigan Sports Teams Tattoo

If anyone knows what that pyramid shape is your answer would be welcome in the comments section.

This sweet shoulder tattoo

Best State Of Michigan Tattoo


This clever knitted mitten tattoo

Adorable State of Michigan Tattoo

This creative play on the state of Michigan is simply divine. Mittens are knitted..the state of Michigan is shaped like a mitten…just in case you had a long night.

This mitten shaped skull tattoo

State of Michigan Skull Tattoo

I stared at this tattoo for a good couple of minutes before I realized what it was. Points for uniqueness though.

This little ankle tattoo

Simple State of Michigan tattoo

West coast love. Maybe Muskegon?

This apple blossom tattoo complete with a one-legged robin

State of Michigan Apple Blossom Tattoo

Not to be confused with the cherry blossom, the apple blossom is the state flower of Michigan. Can you guess what Michigan’s state bird is?

Pure Michigan

Pure Michigan Tattoo

Although this tattoo doesn’t include an image of the state, we thought it fit to include on this list. “Pure Michigan” is the states current slogan which can be seen on most of the states tourism related promotions.