43 Spectacular State of Michigan Tattoos

This fantastic rib cage tattoo

state of Michigan tattoo

I’ve got top scientists trying to figure out what’s going on here.

This Red Wings tattoo

State of Michigan Red Wings Tattoo

It’s hard not to be a Red Wings fan living in Michigan.

This trout skin tattoo

State of Michigan Trout Tattoo

From what I remember trout skin looks a little different from this artist’s interpretation. But, hey, that’s just my opinion. Fish on!

This psychedelic state of Michigan Tattoo

Amazing State of Michigan Tattoo

Beams of magic are seen bursting from this Michiganders home town.

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This Michigan is home tattoo

State of Michigan tattoo

We’ve seen this design on a few different people. Seems like this particular design is a popular choice and we can see why.

This blue ink calf tattoo

calf state of Michigan tattoo

That’s a whole lot of freshwater.

This beautiful forearm tattoo

forearm state of Michigan tattoo

Sometimes simpler is better. It’s also nice to see some of the smaller islands represented!

This epic chest piece

large state of Michigan tattoo

Notice the water levels. Sort of a bathymetric chart meets underwater topographic map. Nice. Very nice.

This lighthouse tattoo

Lighthouse State of Michigan Tattoo

The blue sky, turquoise water, and bright red lighthouse combine for a wonderful color scheme. Fun fact, Michigan has more lighthouses than any other state. At one point in time, as many as 247 lighthouses dotted Michigan’s shorelines.

This gorgeous back shoulder tattoo

Back Shoulder Michigan Territory Tattoo

Are those roots or running streams? We’ve been seeing a lot of roots tattoos but this pattern kind of looks like streams. Hmmmmm.

Smitten with the mitten

Smitten with the mitten Michigan tattoo

One of the best state of Michigan tattoos out there.

This large rib cage tattoo

State of Michigan tattoo

Large and geographically accurate. All you need is a Sharpie and you can start planning road trips.

This wonderfully illustrated state of Michigan tattoo

Amazing State of Michigan Tattoo

Can’t say enough good things about this tattoo. Definitely one of the best examples we’ve come across. Bravo.


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