43 Spectacular State of Michigan Tattoos

This old world Great Lakes cartography tattoo

State of Michigan cartography tattoo

An amazing full back piece of what appears to be a fairly old french map of the region. Check out how funny the mitten looks!

This elegant wrist tattoo

State of Michigan Wrist Tattoo

A daily reminder of where you’re from.

This surprisingly accurate foot tattoo

State of Michigan Tattoo on Foot

I wonder if she just woke up one day and thought to herself “I think I’ll get a tattoo of Michigan of my foot today”.

This Sparty-infused Michigan tattoo

State of Michigan Sparty Tattoo

An excellent tattoo incorporating a little spartan pride into the mix.

This Michigan pride tattoo

Pure Michigan Tattoo

Proud to be a Michigander.

These Michigan roots tattoos

State of Michigan Tattoo

Wondering if this was filled in?

Michigan Roots Tattoo

These roots run deep

Cool State of Michigan Tattoo

And a little love for the UP

This pointillism piece

Ankle State of Michigan tattoo

It’s no Sunday Afternoon on The Island of La Grande Jatte, but it still looks good to me.

This original forearm tattoo

State of Michigan Tattoo

Love me some Michigan!