40 Tiny Finger Tattoos That Define Perfection

Finger art that's forever.



(Photo: JOJO)

The secret to a good finger tattoo is cursive. Seriously, any words sprawled out in an elegant cursive script is going to gain you at least 10 new followers and an excuse to take even more photos of whatever you may be holding in your hand at the moment. Don’t you just love photos of people holding cups of coffee?!?

This serpent.

by Gediminas Zubas

(Photo: Gediminas Zubas)

I’ve always been a fan of rings that wrap around your finger multiple times. So this tattoo has a special place in my heart. And as far as giving a little decoration to that winding wrap, a snake is the natural choice.

This cross.


(Photo: Lime)

Religion aside, the cross is a wonderfully simple and symmetrical design that has mass appeal. Tattooist LIME is known for her minimalistic designs, and it seems as though a new finger tattoo leaves her studio on a daily basis.

This wolf.

by Doy

(Photo: Doy)

Doy doesn’t really do minimalistic. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that his finger tattoos are packed with more detail than a bad liar’s story. I take that back, Doy certainly does minimalistic but it’s definitely not what he’s known for.

This lotus flower.

by Vlada

(Photo: Vlada)

This symbol is like the logo for the lotus flower. I can’t think of any other flower that has an official logo which is why the lotus is so cool. White ink tattoos have the added benefit of looking epic under UV lighting.

These flames.

by Winterstone

(Photo: Winterstone)

The tiniest amounts of ink sometimes make the biggest impressions. When it comes to “cool factor” points, this design takes them all. A little flame is just what your Instagram needs to take you to the next level…two followers. Just kidding. All of my followers are either family members, Nigerian royalty, or spammers.

This palm.

by Winterstone

(Photo: Winterstone)

Being from a climate that doubles as a freezer half the year, I can tell you that every time I see a palm tree it makes me want whip out my nearest travel credit card and max it out on a first class flight to the Maldives, because, well, they’re not going to be around forever people (global warming, rising sea levels).

These simple lines.

by Michelle Santana

(Photo: Michelle Santana)

I have top scientists trying their best to decipher what exactly is going on here but I’m pretty sure these are just random designs selected on a whim for their aesthetic appeal alone.

This mini rosary.

by Christopher Vasquez

(Photo: Christopher Vasquez)

I was raised Catholic and pretty much told you should never wear a rosary around your neck but I never heard anything about not wrapping it around your finger. In fact, when you’re using it it’s pretty much impossible not to.


by Playground

(Photo: Playgound)

If you’re seriously in the market for a small finger tattoo, definitely head over to Playground’s Instagram page and scroll her entire portfolio. After you’ve read a few more the articles listed below of course. These type of designs are their bread and butter and you’re guaranteed to fall in love with the majority of the work you see there.


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