40 Tiny Finger Tattoos That Define Perfection

Finger art that's forever.

This white ink moon.

by Mini Happiness

(Photo: Mini Happiness)

While we’re on the subject of white ink tattoos, here is another example of just how well this particular shade of ink compliments its surroundings. White ink gives a design a completely different feel. In my opinion, white ink tattoos have a more feminine aura to them.

This zig zag band.

by Doy

(Photo: Doy)

Whether this design is meant to represent waves or not I’m not too sure. Banded designs—that form a band around the finger—have a pleasing aesthetic since our eyes are so used to gazing upon various types of rings. This familiarity gives any banded design an instant added boost.

This kitty.

by UNO

(Photo: Doy)

This design definitely has a Hello Kitty vibe to it. It’s not clear if that was the intention, but seeing that the bow is a little different going to go as far to say that it wasn’t. There are a few hyperrealism designs on this list, but simple, more minimalistic designs always age better.

This rose.

by Winterstone

(Photo: Winterstone)

Rose finger tattoos, like the one above, are a dime a dozen. But that’s only because of the elegance and beauty that they exude. Roses have long been a popular design choice and are by far the most popular floral variety when it comes to body art.

This balloon.

by Doy

(Photo: Doy)

If this little read balloon doesn’t remind you of your childhood then I don’t know what would. Tattoos are meant to be fun. Cute designs like the one above are what makes finger tattoos so fun to get in the first place.

This antler ring.

by Ronin

(Photo: Ronin)

Well, it’s not actually a band or full ring but from a distance that’s what it mimics. I like to discover quirky designs with tons of style. This piece checks both of those boxes which makes me want it, like, yesterday. I’ve noticed over the years that designs with antlers incorporated into them have a tendency to be from Recycle.


by Sal Pearman

(Photo: Sal Pearman)

Perhaps the oldest gimmick in finger tattoos is using each finger to house one letter which in turn spells out a word or phrase when aligned with one another. This became such a cliché in the industry that the popularity of the style dropped off drastically. Personally I loved the style, cliché or not, which is why I get so excited every time I encounter it.

These pinky promises.

by Michelle Santana

(Photo: Michelle Santana)

In case you didn’t notice, these are official pinky promise tattoos. I’m not as hip as I used to be, and that wasn’t very hip, but pinky promises are still a thing right? My daughter hasn’t shamed me yet so in my mind we’re still a go.

These roses.

by Paul Terry

(Photo: Paul Terry)

Seriously who isn’t an absolute sucker for a satisfying, harmonious, and well-executed gradient fade? It’s almost as if you can add a gradient to anything and instantly make it better—which I think at least a few artists are starting to catch on to.

These ornamental designs.


(Photo: JOJO)

These designs remind me of mendi ink. Deciding to use your fingers as a canvas for larger works or art instead of a single design can be rewarding. Each ornamental design in this case perfectly compliments one another in a way that makes you want to get eight finger tattoos instead of just one.