40 Tattoos for Women of All Ages

An all-in-one guide for women of all ages.

This dino skeleton.

Dinosaur skeleton by Katleen

Dinosaur tattoos aren’t very popular. But when I do come across them, they always seem to be of great appeal. And I do have to say, I’ve never seen anything quite like the design above. Black and white tattoos are my favorite, and they way the artist superimposes the white bones against the black outline of the dinosaur makes for a bold and crisp look. (Photo: Katleen)

These butterflies.

Butterflies by Flower

When it comes to women and ink, there are few designs more cliche than that of the butterfly. But that’s only because they are so beautiful of course! If you have your mind set on a butterfly tattoo, I always recommend going the small and dainty route. (Photo: Flower)

These raspberries.

Raspberry tattoo by Banul

As many of you may know, raspberries belong to the same botanical family as roses. And with roses being the most popular floral tattoo of all time, it’s about time its underappreciated relative got a little time in the spotlight. (Photo: Banul)


This butterfly wing.

Butterfly by Lazer Liz

Butterflies have a lot of design benefits. Maybe that has something to do with how popular they are. Butterflies come in a variety of different shapes and sizes, but more importantly, they each have unique patterns on their wings which make them fun for designers to work with. (Photo: Lazer Liz)


'Whatever' by G.NO

If you’re in the market for something fun that still has meaning, a flower with a text stem like the one above is really popular right now. (Photo: G.NO)

This tiny turtle.

Turtle by Seyoon Gim

Tattoos like these are not something you usually go into a session looking for, but once you see one, they’re almost too cute to pass up. Certain artists specialize in this type of simple, cute, and illustrated style. I hope I did an okay job describing that? For more designs like these, check out our favorite Korean artists here(Photo: Seyoon Gim)


'Barbie' by Lauren Winzer

There’s not too much that needs to be said about this particular tat, but depending on what type of girl you are, it can either trigger waves of nostalgia or possibly make you puke. Either way, you can’t deny how awesome the font is. (Photo: Lauren Winzer)

This forearm piece.

by Trudy

While I’m not exactly sure what’s going on here, one thing is for certain, it sure is beautiful. So beautiful in fact that I can’t stop staring at it. Or is it because I’m just trying to figure out what it is? (Photo: Trudy)

This single word.

Pineapple by Gio

Sometimes it’s all about the word, and sometimes it’s all about the font. Pineapples are delicious, that’s for certain, but it’s the font in this case that has us doing a double take. A flat and compact cursive always looks good when used for single words or short sentences. (Photo: Gio)