40 Tattoos for Women of All Ages

An all-in-one guide for women of all ages.

This heart.

Landscape heart by Maria Summer

So much more than just a heart, this design is an open window into a magical land of grass-covered mountains and, well, let’s just call it paradise and leave it at that. These small landscape designs seem to be growing in popularity by the minute—and that’s definitely a good thing! (Photo: Maria Summer)

This kissing booth.

Snoopy kissing booth tattoo by Michelle Santana

It’s always a pleasure to see creative and meaningful designs that are more than just art. Tattoos like the one above are great talking pieces and with its clean and bold lines, will likely age extremely well. And hey. Who doesn’t like Snoopy?! (Photo: Michelle Santana)

Linework paradise.

Linework landscape by Francesco Rossetti

Here we have another amazing design from the wonderful Francesco Rossetti. If you’re into tattoos (or have an existence on Pinterest or Instagram) then you’ve likely come across your fair share of colorful and highly detailed landscape tattoos with a circular border (see below). But what Francesco did here is an ingenious way to add his own creative flair to things, choosing to go with an open border that flows with its surroundings in a more natural way.

This sunset.

Sunset by Evakrbdk

This artist probably needs no introduction, but since we’ve been discussing these circular landscape designs today, we feel obligated to mention that when it comes to this sort of design, Turkish tattooist Eva Krbdk is hands down the best in the business. If you need anymore proof than the image above, you can head to her Instagram, but be prepared to waste the rest of your day doing nothing but staring in appreciation.

This ornamental mandala.

Mandala by Kristi Walls

So simple, so symmetrical, and so beautiful is what I always say to myself when I come across a well-done mandala flower. You can literally place this design anywhere on your body and it will look like it belongs there. (Photo: Kristi Walls)

This Toy Story tat.

Toy Story tat by Tina Choi

Why exactly Toy Story tattoos are so popular is a little bit beyond me. I saw the movies, they are great, but I’m not sure I’d want to be stuck with Buzz and Woody for the rest of my life. However, if you are planning to ink this animated film into your skin for eternity, I can’t think of a better design than the one above. (Photo: Tina Choi)

These flowers.

Florals by Lazer Liz

Neck tattoos will always be the coolest. And while I tend to learn more towards the black and grey ink side of things, these colorful flowers are devastatingly beautiful. Hair up, and people will think you’re a floral Goddess. Put your hair down and it’s gone. (Photo: Lazer Liz)

This dotwork forearm piece.

by Damian Thur

While technically every tattoo is a “dotwork” design, leaving enough dots to make it appear as if it was created with dots is what we are usually referring to when we call a particular design “dotwork” in nature. And it’s this style of inkwork that lends designs like one above dimension and intrigue that would otherwise cause the design to fall flat on its own. I mean, it’s tough to pull off a tattoo of a winding river without giving it a hard dose of style. (Photo: Damian Thur)

This cat and moon.

by Handitrip

Like most cute and cuddly animals, cats are a popular tattoo choice, which gives me the right to add one to just about every list I make. Smile. However, even if I didn’t like cats so very much I think this design appeals to more than just your average feline fanatics. (Photo: Handtrip)

This floral whale.

Floral whale by Victoria Do

Most people know that filling any design with flowers is a surefire way to make it more appealing. Okay, maybe not 100 percent of the time, but it does add a lot of dimension and detail to the more mundane subjects. And ya, we know this tattoo isn’t on a woman but floral designs of any kind always look good on women. (Photo: Victoria Do)