40 Tattoos for Women of All Ages

An all-in-one guide for women of all ages.

This sketched building.

Sketched building by Zeke Yip

Do you ever see a tattoo on Instagram and then instantly hate the artist for coming up with such an awesome design because you know you’ll never be able to have it (copying is never cool)? That’s exactly how this design makes me feel. (Photo: Zeke Yip)

This black and grey ink blossom.

Black and grey ink blossom by Hongdam

Okay, if you haven’t yet laid eyes upon the beauty and majesty of a skeleton flower, you should head over to Google and get acquainted as soon as possible. Upon first look, you’d think this was one of the many beautiful cherry blossoms that Hongdam is so well-known for. And in the absence of color, both blossoms do look a lot alike. (Photo: Hongdam)

This realistic eye.

Eye by Andrea Morales

There’s nothing more eye-catching than a realistic tattoo of an eye. And when they’re as well executed as the one seen above, eye tattoos can send you into a hypnotic stare that gets creepier by the minute. (Photo: Andrea Morales)

This amazing forearm piece.

by Ronald Ladino

In what looks like a half woman half tiger design, added wisps of negative space obscure the subject like low-lying foliage on the jungle floor. The best thing about this design is the amber yellow eye—it follows you wherever you go. (Photo: Ronald Ladino)

These stargazers.

Stargazers by Eva Krbdk

In another absolute triumph by one of Bang Bang’s newest resident artists, this parent and child staring up at the night’s sky is something that really takes you to another place. One thing is for certain though, they’re definitely not in LA. (Photo: Eva Krbdk)

This butterfly.

Butterfly by Tiago Oliveira

Now that’s a clean butterfly. Everyone loves butterflies like everyone loves puppies or naps when they’re tired. So if you’re looking for something pretty, elegant, and cool in the eyes of almost everyone, then a butterfly could be a great choice for your next tattoo—or your first! (Photo: Tiago Oliveira)

This watercolor constellation.

Watercolor constellation by Grain

A watercolor constellation tattoo is something that would never come to mind unless you see one in person. Even this high res photo doesn’t really do it justice. The black lines from star to star set against this spectacular combination of color make this design both appetizer and desert. (Photo: Grain)

This elephant.

Elephant by Tiago Oliveira

A tattoo of a random animal always makes for an interesting piece. And a beautiful bull elephant is definitely going to get more than its share of compliments. (Photo: Tiago Oliveira)

These peonies.

Peonies by Grain

While the upper thigh definitely isn’t the most popular place to get a tattoo, there are a few tattoo artists that we like to feature that simply love that location. And by looking at the photo above, it’s easy to see why those artists keep going back to this trendy location. Black and white peonies with an exaggerated crescent moon provide the perfect combination of color and class for any girly girl looking an elegant design. (Photo: Grain)

This koi.

Koi by Misha Kozlov

Save yourself some time and just get this tattoo. It’s beautiful, concealable, and about the most elegant koi fish I’ve ever seen. (Photo: Misha Kozlov)


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