These 16 Korean Tattoo Artists Are Pure Magic

Tattoo tourism? It's becoming a thing.
Artists Hongdam, Doy, Banul, and Flower.

Artists Hongdam, Doy, Banul, and Flower.

These tattoo artists are nothing short of amazing. And they’re all Korean.

As of late, Korean tattoo artists have been taking the tattoo industry by storm. And as a site that prides itself on showcasing the best artists and designs from around the world, we’ve become quite familiar with a number of South Korean tattoo artists that are consistently creating jaw-dropping works of art that people just can’t get enough of.

As you start scrolling, you’ll notice subtle similarities in style as well as other reoccurring themes. While each artist has their own unique style, these similarities are proof of the influence and inspiration that exists within this tight-knit community. Let’s take a look at some of our favorite tattoo artists from the Land of The Morning Calm.

Woojin Choi (OOZY)

Woojin Choi

Photo: OOZY Tattoo

Also known as OOZY, Woojin Choi spends his days creating detailed works of art in his signature style that’s comprised mainly of a unique mixture of fine dots and lines. Choi’s love for blackwork is evident in his portfolio which rarely features color tattoos. The artists use of heavy blackwork segments set amongst light dotwork makes for a wonderful contrast which can be seen in many of his pieces.

From the artist:

Tattoo by OOZY

Artist tools by OOZY

Cathedral by OOZY

Blackwork florals by OOZY

Hokusai wave by OOZY

Giraffe by OOZY

Skeleton couple by OOZY

Floral bouquet by OOZY

T-rex skeleton by OOZY




Pictured second from the right along with Tattooist to the stars Jon Boy.

As tempting as it is to call Hongdam the Dr. Woo of the orient, it just wouldn’t be fair—or right for that matter. Although the two artists often come up in the same conversation due to their amazing ability to capture the smallest of details, their styles are in indeed quite different.

Hongdam’s style can be described as elegant and graceful. It’s almost as if Hongdam’s work has a calming effect that immediately puts the viewer into a state of tranquility. His portfolio features everything from exquisite watercolor florals to fascinating lifelike animals. If you’re looking for a single, stand alone tattoo, it doesn’t get much better than this guy.

From the artist:

Detailed dreamcatcher tattoo by Hongdam

Watercolor cherry blossom tattoo by Hongdam

Crescent moon tattoo on wrist by Hongdam

Fox on back shoulder by Hongdam

Floral bouquet by Hongdam

Roses in various stages of bloom by Hongdam

Tiny peach tattoo by Hongdam

Blackwork poppies by Hongdam

Florals on back by Hongdam



Banul pictured on left

Banul pictured left

Catering to a decidedly feminine clientele, Banul is every girls dream tattooist. Proof that females now outnumber men when it comes to getting inked these days, finding a male patron on Banul’s Instagram page is almost like picking up a Where’s Waldo book.  If you’re looking for something delicate and adorable that will never go out of style, Banul can definitely hook you up.

From the artist:

Angel tattoo by Banul

Tree line armband by Banul

Wolf tattoo by Banul

Tattoos by Banul

Arrow tattoos by Banul

Birds in flight by Banul

Watercolor tattoo by Banul

Watercolor constellation by Banul

Narcissus tattoo by Banul


Tattooist River

Tattooist River

Vibrant colors and impeccable detail don’t always go together. But don’t tell tattoo artist River that. Color mixed with complexity always manages to give his work that wow factor without being over-the-top.

River works out of Graffittoo Tattoo Studio in Seoul, South Korea.

From the artist:

Tattoo by River

Crescent moon tattoo by River

Tattoo by RIver

Snowflake by Tattooist River

Dancer tattoo by Tattooist River

Cute tree by Tattooist River

Colorful rose by Tattooist River

Lightning bolt by Tattooist River

Floral thigh tattoo by Tattooist River


Tattooist IDA

Tattooist IDA

Besides her adorable dogs, IDA is known for her ability to apply creative new twists to ordinary designs. Although IDA doesn’t have as many Instagram followers as some of the other artists on this list, we don’t expect that to be the case for long. IDA is one of the most underrated Korean tattoo artists with the skills to back up her creativity.

From the artist:

The Little Mermaid Tattoo by Tattooist IDA

Colorful Moon tattoo by IDA

Landscape tattoo by Tattooist IDA

Space doggy by Tattooist IDA

Blue gradient tattoo by Tattooist IDA

Dreamcatcher tattoo by Tattooist IDA

Leaves by Tattooist IDA

Whale with divers by Tattooist IDA

Polaroid tattoo by Tattooist IDA


Sanghyuk Ko

Tattoo artist Sanghyuk Ko

South Korean-born tattoo artist Sanghyuk Ko is an absolute prodigy. Known for his stunning, detail-packed micro tats, it’s no surprise that he dips his needles at the famous Bang Bang tattoo shop in New York City. If you can dream it, he can ink it. Just don’t expect to walk in.

From the artist:

Pocket watch tattoo by Sanghyuk Ko

Rose in glass case by Sanghyuk Ko

Landscape tattoo by Sanghyuk Ko

Cosmic galaxy tattoo by Sanghyuk Ko

Tiny skull by Sanghyuk Ko

Eye tattoo by Sanghyuk Ko

Couple tattoo by Sanghyuk Ko

Classical sculpture tattoo by Sanghyuk Ko

Dotwork portrait by Sanghyuk Ko

Sanghyuk Ko/Instagram

Tattooist Doy

Tattooist Doy

Another expert tiny tattooer, Tattooist Doy creates some of the cleanest inkwork you’ll ever see. Doy dabbles a little in everything. From sharks teeth to knights on horseback, Doy continues to amaze all who enter his Instagram account with his other-worldy designs. And with almost 300k followers, it’s safe to say that he’s one of the most popular tattoo artists in the world. 

From the artist:

Lilac flower by Tattooist Doy

Shark tooth tattoo by Doy

Crescent moon by Doy

Koi fish tattoo by Doy

Fire tattoo by Doy

Wreath tattoo by Doy

Cat eyes and nose by Doy

Watercolor whale tattoo by Doy

Watercolor puppeteer by Doy



Nando Tattooer

We can’t say enough good things about Nando. As you may have noticed, there’s no shortage of floral tattooists in Korea. But Nando’s delicate blackwork floral works are in a league of their own. If you’re looking for something tasteful and feminine, you wont’ be disappointed.

From the artist:

Negative space flower by Nando

Crown tattoo by Nando

Tiny flower on ankle by Nando

Florals on forearm by Nando

Tree tattoo by Nando

Owl tattoo by Nando

Flower on collarbone by Nando

Rabbit with geometric accents by Nando

Tiny black shoulder floral by Nando

Smile by Nando


Tattooist Grain

Tattooist Grain

Our day usually consists of constantly refreshing Grain’s Instagram page in hopes of being the first to lay eyes upon his newest piece. Another vastly underrated tattoo artist, Grain goes about his business executing masterful cover-ups and original works which will have you staring for hours.

From the artist:

Blackwork florals on thigh by Tattooist Grain

Dreamcatcher tattoo by Tattooist Grain

Elegant thigh piece by Tattooist Grain

Hamsa hand tattoo by Tattooist Grain

Old ship tattoo by Tattooist Grain

Watercolor map tattoo by Tattooist Grain

Mandala flower on forearm by Tattooist Grain

Circular wave tattoo by Tattooist Grain

Floral crescent moon tattoo by Tattooist Grain



Seoeon tattooist

Another brilliant tattoo artist that focuses on the adorable. Seoeon, a popular Instagram tattoo artist, loves to work the watercolor fill into her tiny coveted designs. Make sure to check out her impeccable small print cursive as wel.

From the artist:

Watercolor wave tattoo on wrist by Seoeon

Tiny floral whale tattoo by Seoeon

Blue gradient tats by Seoeon

Lotus flower on ankle by Seoeon

Palm tree by Seoeon

Cherry blossoms by Seoeon

Tiny floral branch tattoo by Seoeon

Floral crescent moon tattoo by Seoeon



Wonseok tattooist

Pictured right

Tattooist Wonseok can do it all, but what really catches our eye is his skill for blending color. Pastels, watercolor, hyperrealistic, they are all equally amazing.

From the artist:

Blue floral cat tattoo by Wonseok

Watercolor stag tattoo by Wonseok

Floral triangle tat by Wonseok

Geometric feather tattoo by Wonseok

Tattoo by Wonseok

Tattoo by Wonseok

Behind-the-ear globe by Wonseok

Butterfly tattoo by Wonseok

Tattoo by Wonseok




Looking for something cute with a vintage feel to it? Then Chaehwa’s your gal. This tattoo artist’s signature style has been featured time and again on our site due to her unique sketch style design that features squiggley lines instead of the usual over-sketched edges.

From the artist:

Cat by Chaehwa

Floral ankle tat by Chaehwa

Windmill tattoo by Chaehwa

Lightbulb tattoo by Chaehwa

Tattoo by Chaehwa

Crown tattoo by Chaehwa

Tiny dog by Chaehwa

Floral tattoo by Chaehwa

Seasonal trees by Chaehwa



Zihee tattoo artist

Zihee’s semi-surrealist style is definitely one of her own. But judging from her diverse portfolio, she likes to experiment with various different styles of design. From blackwork designs to colorful creations, Zihee always leaves us wondering what she will create next.

From the artist:

Whale by Zihee

Floral on rib cage by Zihee

Saturn tattoo by Zihee

Floral ear tattoo by Zihee

Floral forearm wrap by Zihee

Cut wave tattoo by Zihee

Floral back piece by Zihee

Colorful skeleton by Zihee

Wreath by Zihee



Tattooist Silo

If you’re a fan of floral work, you’ll definitely appreciate Silo’s work. Unlike many of the other artists featured in this article, Silo tends to favor relatively larger designs.

From the artist:

Cosmic whales by Silo

Fireworks by Silo

Beautiful florals by Silo

White ink snowflake tattoo by Silo

Watercolor flowers by Silo

Feminine whale tattoo by Silo

Forearm floral bouquet by Silo

Blackwork sleeve by Silo

Floral piece by Silo


Handitrip (Zi O)

Working out of his cozy rooftop studio.

Located in Busan, on South Korea’s southern tip, Zi O is one of the only artists on the list not living/working in Seoul. Although Zi O has a relatively tame Instagram following, his skills are anything but.

From the artist:

Koi fish tattoo by Handitrip

Crescent moon by Handitrip

Floral ankle piece by Handitrip

Watercolor anchor tattoo by Handitrip

Landscape tattoo by Handitrip

Song bird tattoo on ankle by Handitrip

Heavy blackwork bracelet by Handitrip

Tattoo by Handitrip

Leaves on ankle by Handitrip


Tattooist Flower

Tattooist Flower

You guessed it. Tattooist “Flower,” as she goes by, is mainly known for her beautiful floral tattoos. But that’s not all she does. Her eye for detail and color is even more evident is some of her non-floral pieces. Favoring the watercolor fill technique, each and every one of Flower’s designs can only be described as magical.

From the artist:

Maple leaves by Tattooist Flower

Butterflies on back shoulder by Tattooist Flower

Watercolor rose on rib cage by Tattooist Flower

Poppies on back by Tattooist Flower

Solar system tattoo by Tattooist Flower

Tiny arrow tattoo by Tattooist Flower

Unicorn tattoo on ankle by Tattooist Flower

Florals by Tattooist Flower

Blue ink roses by Tattooist Flower



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