30 Fabulous Floral Sleeve Tattoos for Women

Russia's Rom Azovsky lays down the law.

Flowers have been used as symbols of beauty for as long as man has walked this earth. Their natural beauty makes them a popular choice for, well, just about everything. You’d be hard-pressed to find a single object that someone somewhere hasn’t at one time or another decorated with some type of floral pattern. So it’s no surprise that flowers are among the most popular choices when it comes to tattoo designs, and in this case more specifically tattoo sleeves.

Although floral sleeves are more popular among the female gender, there are also some pretty amazing examples out there that belong to men. See for yourself.

But for the sake of this article, let’s take a look at some stunning examples of floral sleeve tattoos on women.

These red & black roses

Roses floral tattooIn case you were wondering, black roses are a real thing.  (Photo: caitlinjulian7)

These scarlet roses

Red Rose Full Sleeve Tattoo

(Photo: Gimmy)

This tropical half sleeve

Upper sleeve floral tattoo

Various sizes and varieties make this floral piece a feast for the eyes. (Photo: unknown)

This floral timepiece

Floral full Sleeve Tattoo

Among the flowers, this tattoo features a crimson-chested songbird and an open-faced engraved pocket watch. (Photo: JackieRabbit)

Flowers & fruit

Flowers & Fruit Full Sleeve Tattoo

This delightful design includes fruit, flowers, and a few of natures creatures. (Photo: Fabrizio Divari) 

These two butterflies

Butterflies Floral Sleeve Tattoo

Two colorful butterflies flutter among softly colored pink Cherry Blossoms. (Photo: unknown)

These pansies

Floral Full Sleeve Tattoo

(Photo: Parlour)

This pastel sleeve

Pastel Full Sleeve Tattoo

Soft pastel colors give this piece an undeniable feminine feel. (Photo: Jeff Gogue)

These Rom Azvosky works

Gorgeous Floral Sleeve Tattoo

Epic Floral Sleeve Tattoo