21 Beautiful Sewing And Knitting Tattoo Designs

I've never sewn a day in my life, but these designs rock.


This is for all those die hard knitters and sewers out there who want to keep that needle and thread with them at all times. Tattoos incorporating some sort of sewing related prop are, as I just recently found out, surprisingly popular. So popular in fact that I could have easily extended this list to “500 Beautiful Sewing & Knitting Tattoo Designs” instead of a measly 21 if my favorite TV show wasn’t about to start in T minus 58 minutes. If there’s enough interest, let me know and I’ll see if I can’t follow this article up with something a little more lengthier in the near future. Enjoy!

This decorative needle

Ball of Yarn Tattoo

That’s a super fancy crochet hook if I’ve ever seen one. (Photo: Johnny Smith)

This “lovely” stitching

Amazing Sewing Tattoo

One of the more creative pieces out there, here we have the word “lovely” stitched into the skin with a single red button for the O. (Photo: PinkDaisey)

This black ink sewing machine

Sewing Machine Tattoo

This style goes perfectly with this antique sewing machine. (Photo: girlsgoneoscorwilde)

Red thread

Needle & Thread Tattoo

One can’t help but appreciate that beautiful golden brown wood grain. (Photo: Nick Hart)

This floral chest piece

Beautiful chest sewing tattoo

Notice the heart-shaped pin cushion. (Photo: Michelle Davies)

This purple ball of yarn

Purple Ball of Yarn Tattoo

The shading on that heart is super nice. (Photo: Guen Douglas)

This lovely little butterfly

Butterfly Sewing Tattoo

Scissors hidden in wings. What an uplifting piece! (Photo: Samantha)

This heart-shaped ball of yarn

Heart Shaped Ball of Yarn Tattoo

If I was going to get a heart-shaped ball of yarn tattoo, this is the one that I would get. (Photo: Meagan Bohrer)

This measuring tape bow


Awesome. I’ve seen a few similar tattoos out there but this one is my favorite.  (Photo: Mara)

These seam rippers

Sewing Seam Rippers Tattoo

This reminds me of the time I kicked one of these against a wall on accident and got it stuck under my toenail. Beautiful tattoo though. (Photo: Rachel Mckay)