34 Delightful Frog Tattoos That Will Leave You Hopping With Joy


Frogs are great material for tattoo designs. Why is this you ask? In the world today there are over 4,800 different species of frogs — all with unique color schemes and designs. And that’s only the number that we’ve discovered so far. There are no doubt hundreds of undocumented species out there in the forests, creeks, and jungles just waiting to be discovered.

Below is collection of some amazing examples of frog tattoo designs for your viewing pleasure.

This blue frog


With a name like “Poison Dart Frog”, it’s not hard to imagine what this brightly colored little creature is used for.



This peace sign frog


A well designed psychedelic tribute to the 60’s era of love and aaaa more love. Far out man!

Help! I’m trapped inside your skin!


There are a couple versions of this design out there. It’s so simple yet such a fantastic and creative design.

This frog holding a flower


Is he picking the flower or holding it? Ahhhh he’s smelling it!

This hula-skirt-wearing frog


The emotion on this frog’s face is just awesome.

These big black eyes


This pose is priceless. I don’t think you could draw a more adorable little frog.

This foot tattoo


Those are some big hands this little fella has on him. Or is it a she.



Another realistic tropical frog



This frog taking a break from the gym


Flipping the bird.

This frog on a leaf


This little frog is the cherry on top of this beautiful nature sleeve.

This striking National-Geographic-like tattoo


Someone’s got some skills.

This guy hanging out on a branch



This colorful forearm tattoo



This frog playing the blues


It almost looks like he’s playing a keyboard at the same time. I think this is that frog from the Princess and the Frog film.

This soon-to-be-covered-with-hair tropical frog


Another brilliantly shaded design.

This frog looking up from the ground


Are those things supposed to be rocks? If you look hard they kind of look like a flesh-colored #25. What do you think?

Cute little guy just chillen


And on that day in the jungle, not a single f**k was given.

This blue frog in watercolor


Does this look like it was done in watercolor or with traditional paints?

These colored crawlers


We’ve almost got all of the primary colors here. All she needs is a yellow frog to complete the color wheel.

This golden framed royalty


This pipe smoker



This one-eyed frog


A unique twist to the traditional frog designs we are use to seeing. This frog has a large eye inside of a diamond on his underbelly. What’s truly amazing is the detail and realism of the eye.

This tiny tree frog



This internet-famous watercolor frog


Definitely the most shared frog tattoo design on the web, and I understand why.

This blue jean frog


Yes, it’s really called the blue jean frog and you can probably guess why. It probably has some latin name as well but I think it’s nick name is much more fitting, don’t you?

El Matador


If there’s a funnier tattoo than this bull-fighting frog, I’ve yet to see it.

This eclectic warrior


Okay maybe this tattoo is funnier than the bullfighter. Here we have a frog with a double sided battle axe and what appears to be bullets strapped around his chest. Am I missing something here?

This toad tattoo?


Okay I know this post is supposed to be strictly frogs but this tattoo was too good to leave out. Since it’s brown, I think it’s safe to say that it’s obviously a toad of some sort.

This frog making it’s way up someones back


Well executed.

This flower sleeve


That’s a whole mess, and I mean mess, of flowers she has going on there.

This frog is not amused


This would make a great meme.

This mama frog



This frog on a flower


I’m not too sure about those shadows if that’s what they are supposed to be.

This frog has claws


The frog tattoo is beautiful but this just looks painful. Those claw marks are a little too realistic.