Girls, These 40 Tattoos Just Raised the Bar

It doesn't get much better than this.

This goldfish.

by Tallinn

(Photo: Tallinn)

This artwork.

by Zihee

(Photo: Zihee)

These peonies.

by Grain

(Photo: Grain)

This rose.

by Andres Acosta

(Photo: Andres Acosta)

This fork and spoon.

by Eunb

(Photo: Eunb)

These x-ray magnolias.

by Eunzo

(Photo: Eunzo)

This peaceful protest.

by Drag Ink

(Photo: Dragon)

This scene from Kill Bill.

by Kozo

(Photo: Kozo)

This rose.

by Bryan Gutierrez

(Photo: Bryan Gutierrez)

This jersey lily.

by Como

(Photo: Como)


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