60 Owl Tattoo Design Ideas with Watercolor, Dotwork, and Linework Examples

They're beautiful and creative.

This colorful design.

Colorful owl tattoo by Ewa Sroka

(Photo: Ewa Sroka)

These three eyes.

Owl tattoo design by John Anderton

(Photo: John Anderton)

This dotwork barn owl.

Dotwork barn owl by Sarah Herzdame

(Photo: Sarah Herzdame)

This dark design.

Dark owl design by Felipe Kross

(Photo: Felipe Kross)

This breathtaking back piece.

Breathtaking back piece by Kelly Violet

(Photo: Kelly Violet)

These red eyes.

Red-eyed owl tattoo by Csorsz Peter

(Photo: Csorsz Peter)

This split design.

Split design owl tattoo by Damo

(Photo: Damo)

This painted shoulder piece.

Painted shoulder piece by Alberto Cuerva

(Photo: Alberto Cuerva)

This double exposure design.

Double exposure owl tattoo by Andrey Lukovnikov

(Photo: Andrey Lukovnikov)

This armband.

Owl armband tattoo

(Photo: Unknown)


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