60 Owl Tattoo Design Ideas with Watercolor, Dotwork, and Linework Examples

They're beautiful and creative.

This tiny owl.

Tiny owl tattoo by Ana Abrahao

(Photo: Ana Abrahao)

This monocle-wearing owl.

Monocle-wearing owl tattoo by Katy Hayward

(Photo: Katy Hayward)

This galaxy-infused owl tattoo.

Galaxy-infused owl tattoo by Little Andy

(Photo: Little Andy)

This behind-the-ear owl tattoo.

Behind-the-ear owl tattoo by Anna Yershova

(Photo: Anna Yershova)

This bold dotwork design.

Creative dotwork owl tattoo by Kamil Czapiga

(Photo: Kamil Czapiga)

This beautiful owl tattoo.

Beautiful owl tattoo by Susanne Konig

(Photo: Susanne Konig)

This abstract forearm piece.

Abstract owl tattoo by Daniel Matsumoto

(Photo: Daniel Matsumoto)

This owl and elephant.

Owl and elephant tattoo by Szabi

(Photo: Szabi)

This work in progress.

Owl tattoo in progress by Chris Telle

(Photo: Chris Telle)

This watercolor work.

Watercolor owl tat by Uncl Paul Knows

(Photo: Uncl Paul Knows)