60 of the Best Wave Tattoos You’ll Ever See

Surf's up bro.

These beautiful whitecaps.

Wave Tattoo Design by Yara

FYI, there’s a baseball team in Michigan that calls themselves the West Michigan Whitecaps. (Photo: Yara)

This dotwork wave on forearm.

Dotwork wave on forearm by Sergey Edge

(Photo: Sergey Edge)

This cute calf tattoo.

Wave Tattoo Design on Calf by Lonewolf

An undeniably adorable design but it’s a little too small to make out all of the subtle nuances. (Photo: Lonewolf)

These gorgeous glowing waves.

Glowing Wave Tattoo Design by Kadek Dino

The luminescent qualities of this ink combination are absolutely divine. (Photo: Kadek Dino)

This Big Sur-inspired wave tattoo.

California Coast Wave Tattoo by Ariel Nirakara

This California coast piece is modeled after the coast of Big Sur; a stretch of central California coastline between the cities of San Simeon and Carmel. (Photo: Ariel Nirakara)

This infinite wave tattoo.

Infinity Symbol Wave Tattoo by June Jung

Two sets of waves, one upright and one inverted occupy the inner loops of an infinity symbol. Cool and creative. (Photo: June Jung)

These curious crests.

Wave Tattoo Design by Roma Severov

These waves almost look like a pack a cobras checking things out. (Photo: Roma Severov)

This detailed thigh piece.

Wave Tattoo on Thigh by Ilwol

Massive waves come crashing down in great detail. Fun Fact: The largest wave ever was the result of a rockslide triggered by an avalanche. In 1958, an earthquake along the Fairweather Fault in Alaska released apx. 40 million cubic yards of rock along the north shore of Lituya Bay, resulting in a tsunami wave over 1720 feet (524 meters) in height. A wave that would have towered over the Empire State Building. (Photo: Ilwol)

This watercolor wave foot tattoo.

Watercolor Wave Tattoo on Foot by Vanessa Spezowka

Blues and purples decorate this simple design. (Photo: Vanessa Spezowka)

Hokusai wave tattoo on calf.

Hokusai Wave Tattoo on Foot by Three Tides

Here we can see Mt. Fuji in the background behind these crashing waves. Hokusai’s The Great Wave off Kanagawa, which this tattoo depictsis his most famous work as well as arguably the most recognizable piece of Japanese artwork in the world.  (Photo: Three Tides)