60 of the Best Wave Tattoos You’ll Ever See

Surf's up bro.

 This gorgeous glyph.

Wave Glyph Tattoo by Anna Yershova

Waves break the lines of this triangular glyph in spectacular fashion. (Photo: Anna Yeshova)

This minimalistic wave tattoo.

Minimal Wave Tattoo Design by Lone Wolf

Another single continuous line wave tattoo no doubt influenced by the work of Iranian artist Mo Ganji. (Photo: Lone Wolf)

This dotwork/linework wave tattoo.

Dotwork Wave Tattoo Design by Joice Wang

The two styles combine beautifully but aren’t seen as often as you would think. Resident Bang Bang tattooist Joice Wang’s eclectic style always manages to produce wonderful works of art no matter what the challenge. (Photo: Joice Wang)

This tropical tricep piece.

Tropical Wave Tattoo by Kadu

Here we have a full blown tropical beach scene which looks almost like it could be the most complex woodblock cut ever. (Photo: Kadu)

This tiny island.

Beautiful Wave Tattoo by Roma Severov

This borderless composition features a beautiful sun peeking out of a few fluffy clouds. (Photo: Roma Severov)

This minimal wave tattoo.

Minimal Wave Tattoo by Fernanda Prado

Showing us just how beautiful simplicity can be. (Photo: Fernanda Prado)

This lovely display of linework.

Linework Wave Tattoo by Lera Breger

Some seriously heavy linework is on display in this diamond-shaped glyph tattoo. (Photo: Lera Breger)

This Fibonacci wave tattoo.

Watercolor Wave Tattoo Design by Adrian Bascur

Color meets style in this beautiful example of a Fibonacci labeled wave. Adrian always impresses with his keene eye for color. (Photo: Adrian Bascur)

This black ink thigh glyph.

Black Ink Wave Tattoo by Sou

Look familiar? This is obviously one of the more popular designs on the list. (Photo: Sou)

This rectangular Hokusai wave tattoo.

Hokusai Wave Tattoo by Dylan Kwok

Anyone know what that symbol stands for in the upper left hand corner of the photo? (Photo: Dylan Kwok)