60 of the Best Wave Tattoos You’ll Ever See

Surf's up bro.

 These lovely lines.

Linework Wave Tattoo by Anya

Lovely linework culminating in a frosty breaking cap. (Photo: Anya)

This inner-arm work.

Wave Tattoo Design by Jon Boy

We can never tell if Jon Boy’s work is done in a muted tone or if it’s just a soft filter. Probably the filter. Here we have a stormy sea with a couple flying fish doing what they do. (Photo: Jon Boy)

This single continuous line.

One Line Wave Tattoo by Mo Ganji

Our favorite wave tattoo on the list. Iranian artist Mo Ganji quit his corporate job to create these one of a kind minimalistic tattoos done using only one continuous line. (Photo: Mo Ganji)

This spectacular shore break.

Wave Tattoo Design by Roma Severov

Okay maybe shore break is a bit of an understatement. This terrifying tsunami is more like it. Linework and waves go together like PB & J. (Photo: Roma Severov)

This wicked watercolor work.

Watercolor Wave Tattoo Design by Lili Krizsan

Lili Krizsan has style, that’s for sure. This watercolor wave tattoo uses bold black lines for maximum effect.

These matching couple tattoos.

Matching Wave Tattoos by Perelyakina Elizaveta

The internet loves a good pair of couple tattoos and so do we. (Photo: Perelyakina Elizaveta)

This dotwork anchor and wave tattoo.

Dotwork Wave Tattoo by Won

This nautical-themed dotwork illustration has an old world tin type feel to it. (Photo: Won)

This tubular sunset.

Wave Sunset Tattoo by Nerina Clare

This beautiful realism piece captures a surfer’s view perfectly. Any avid surfer will appreciate this work for the instant wave of nostalgia it evokes. (Photo: Nerina Clare)

This gorgeous foot piece.

Wave Tattoo Design on Foot by Sasha Masiuk

Clean, clear, and crisp are the words that come to mind when one views this elegant foot piece. But then again, what else would you expect from Sasha Masiuk.

This circular back piece.

Wave Tattoo on Back by Victor Herrero

Multiple crashing waves done in a unique style. (Photo: Victor Herrero)