These Amazing Tattoos Are So Effing Artistic

Prepare to be astonished.

While all tattoos are considered art, some are a little more artistic than others. Confused? It’s O.K. Just take a look at

These faces.

Faces by Fredao Oliveira

(Photo: Fredao Oliveira)

This statue.

Greek statue by Dragon

(Photo: Dragon)

This mesmerizing back piece.

Back piece by Tomas

(Photo: Tomas)

This forearm piece.

Forearm piece by Oscar Akermo

(Photo: Oscar Akermo)

These panes.

Panes by Ben Doukakis

(Photo: Ben Doukakis)

This patterned top.

Patterned top by ROXX

(Photo: ROXX)

This floral backpiece.

Floral backpiece by Deborah Genchi

(Photo: Deborah Genchi)


Earth by Eva Krbdk

(Photo: Eva Krbdk)

This dotwork masterpiece.

Dotwork masterpiece by Pawel Indulski

(Photo: Pawel Indulski)

This whale.

Whale by Matteo Nangeroni

(Photo: Matteo Nangeroni)

This toilet.

by Oscar Akermo

(Photo: Oscar Akermo)

This geometric chest piece.

Geometric chest piece by Desthex

(Photo: Desthex)