52 Shockingly Epic Tiger Tattoos

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52 Shockingly Epic Tiger Tattoos

We don’t know what a tiger’s roar sounds like, or if they even roar at all. We don’t know what a tiger’s breath smells like, or even what they look like in person. But we do know that tiger tattoos rock.

Last week we tapped out an article on lion tattoos, which took us the better part of a year to collect. After it was published we received a few requests for tiger tattoos, so, for lack of any better ideas we decided to pull the trigger, even though we only had 10 tiger tattoos on hand that we thought were any good. But after only a few hours of searching, and a pint of Ben and Jerry’s, we quickly discovered that the quality of tiger tattoos was unusually high. This made things a lot easier and expedited the process tremendously. Maybe we’ll even change the way we create content and give you a new list every day! Whether that’s a definite or just wishful thinking has yet to be seen.

In this list, we’ll show you how some of the most creative and brilliant tattoo artists have responded to the challenge of tattooing one of nature’s deadliest predators. We hope you enjoy this list and don’t forget to check out these epic lion tattoos as well.

These tiger eyes.

Tiger eyes by Kimmo Angervaniva

If you like the concept of this piece, then you’ll be happy to know that there are plenty more examples on this list, as these “tiger eye” tattoos are really popular right now. We usually lead with the best designs first and today is no exception. (Photo: Kimmo Angervaniva)

This tiny tiger tattoo.

Tiny tiger cover-up by Tattooist Doy

The amount of detail artists are able to achieve these days is extraordinary. Single needle practitioners, such as South Korea’s Doy, have been dazzling the public with their brilliant displays of detail and realistic ink work thanks to the adoption of the single needle machine. (Photo: Doy)

This black and grey ink back piece.

Black and grey ink tiger on back by Chris Stockings

Dynamic, rich, and bold are just a few of the words that come to mind the first time you lay eyes upon this impressive design. The use of heavy blackwork fill on the leaves creates a wonderful contrast with the grey ink interior while serving as a frame for the entire composition.  (Photo: Chris Stockings)

This watercolor tiger tattoo.

Watercolor tiger tattoo by Felipe Mello

What better way to conceal unsightly marks than with a sprawling watercolor tiger tattoo? Awesome in every way, this magnificent watercolor work features the clever use of negative space, abstract touches of orange ink, and two piercing yellow eyes.  (Photo: Felipe Mello)

This forearm piece.

Jungle cat forearm tat by Oscar Akermo

You might recognize this piece from the “80 Ridiculously Cool Tattoos for Men” list we published last week. We usually never feature the same piece more than once but in this case we made an exception. And ya, we know, this isn’t a tiger but for the sake of concepts and design inspiration, we thought you wouldn’t mind.  (Photo: Oscar Akermo)

This back shoulder piece.

by Youyeon

(Photo: Youyeon)

This fiery eye.

Tiger tattoo by David Garcia

Another trend you’ll notice is black and grey ink designs with the exception of a little color in the eyes. A prefect way to highlight the power and intensity found in a tiger’s stare. (Photo: David Garcia)

This colorful tiger tattoo.

Colorful tiger tattoo by Katie Shocrylas

This psychedelic design is definitely an attention grabber, full of splendid gradients and fascinating abstract extras. If you like this design, be sure to check out Katie’s Instagram page which is full of exciting and wonderful creations.  (Photo: Katie Shocrylas)

This single needle tiger tattoo.

Single needle tiger tattoo by Doctor Woo

This list wouldn’t be complete without a visit from the Doctor of detail himself, Brian Woo. Known as Doctor Woo to his 1 million plus Instagram followers, Brian is one of the most well-known tattoo artists in the world, famous for his intricate single needle designs.  (Photo: Doctor Woo)

These matching tiger tattoos.

Matching tiger tattoos by Elizabeth Markov

Looking to get matching tattoos but not sure what to get? How about a pair of tigers because, well, tigers are awesome! The artist’s expert use of white ink really makes those small details pop.  (Photo: Elizabeth Markov)