55 Toy Story Tattoos That Would Make Pixar Proud

Rex being Rex

Rex Toy Story Tattoo

And on that day not a single f*** was given.

This Cowgirl tattoo

Cowgirl Toy Story Tattoo

Nice piece but it looks like her legs are made of paper. Well I guess she is a doll. n/m

This three-eyed alien

Green Alien Toy Story Tattoo

This guy is awesome. The more you look at this tattoo the better it gets. Is that an antenna on top of his head?

This Buzz Tattoo

Buzz Lightyear Tattoo

That chin.

This fantastic Rex the green dinosaur tattoo

Rex Toy Story Tattoo

Give this artist a job at Pixar cause this tattoo is out of this world good. The shading, the lines, just perfect.

This clever Woody forearm tattoo

Woody Toy Story Tattoo

This tattoo wins on so many different levels it’s not even funny. Toy Story tattoo level = expert.

This fluorescent haired cowgirl

Cowgirl Toy Story Tattoo

Jessie the cowgirl.

Woody & Buzz

Buzz & Woody Tattoo

Just chillen’.

This Slinky Dog wrap

Slinky Dog Toy Story Tattoo

Barbed wire tattoos are being replaced by….Slinky Dog!

This polite gentlemen

Woody Toy Story Tattoo

I tip my hat to you Ma’am. Beautiful clouds in the background.