55 Toy Story Tattoos That Would Make Pixar Proud

This mysterious conversation

Best Toy Story Tattoo

Someone needs to turn this photo into a meme.

This badge of friendship

Awesome Toy Story Tattoo

It takes teamwork to make the dreamwork. This creative badge tattoo would look great just about anywhere.

Buzz doing some serious laser work

Buzz Toy Story Tattoo

That look on his face when he realizes his laser is fake though.

This tattoo of Mr. Potato Head

Mr. Potato Head Tattoo

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This surprised cowboy

Woody Toy Story Tattoo

Mind = Blown. Those look like Buzz Lightyear’s shoes on his head. Wish we had a photo of this guy’s entire arm.

This photo of Buzz & Woody

Buzz & Woody Toy Story Tattoo

It looks like they’re riding in a car together.

These “Andy” foot tattoos

Andy Foot Toy Story Tattoo

Fresh Ink

Andy Bottom foot tattoo

This tat really looks like it was drawn on with a Sharpie. Maybe it was.

Andy Bottom of Foot Tat

Are those creases in the skin? Weird.

There’s a million more of these tattoos but we just wanted to show you a few examples. We could literally make a separate post just for these tats.

This spooky baby robot

Scary Toy Story Tattoo

There’s something terrifying about one-eyed babies with robot bodies. Even though this character turned out to be one of the good guys, he’s still pretty spooky.