55 Toy Story Tattoos That Would Make Pixar Proud

This white-ink-infused Buzz Lightyear tattoo

Buzz Toy Story Tattoo

This artist choose to use white ink for Buzz’s bubble visor and it turned out great.

This Slinky Dog tribute to Emma

Toy Story Slinky Dog Tattoo

Not very many Slinky Dog tattoos around but this one looks amazing. Emma must be proud!

These little green men

Toy Story Claw Machine Men Tattoo

All hail the clawwwww. These little green men have formed their own cult.

This bouncing ball

Cute Toy Story Tattoo

Maybe it’s supposed to look like they’re kicking the ball?

This tattoo of Woody striking a pose

Woody Toy Story Tattoo

There’s only one sheriff in town and you better be nice because if you’re not there’s nothing Woody can do cause he doesn’t have a gun or it’s at the shop of something.

Woody running from the incinerator

Woody Toy Story Tattoo

Woody in the movie Sunshine.

This awesome Buzz Lightyear chest piece

Buzz Lightyear Toy Story Tattoo

This guy is in the process of becoming a space ranger. Everything about this tattoo is amazing. Want.

This tattoo of Rex busting through someones skin

Rex Toy Story Tattoo

It’s hilarious how they make Rex out to be like a dog.

These well-composed calf tattoos

Awesome Toy Story Tattoos

It’s always nice to see a lot of time and effort put into the planning process. Very well executed.

This unfortunate acquisition

Chucky Meets Toy Story Tattoo

Sorry guys your new owner is…Chucky! Kids look away. This is one Toy Story tattoos that’s definitely not for kids.