55 Toy Story Tattoos That Would Make Pixar Proud

This Toy Story sleeve tattoo

Toy Story Sleeve Tattoo

Little green space aliens meet Buzz the Astronaut, I think they must be in purple space.

Another Woody tattoo

Woody Toy Story Tattoo

He even looks like Tom Hanks.

This vintage claw tattoo

The Claw Toy Story Tattoo

This piece definitely has style.

This Minion in a Buzz Lightyear suit

Toy Story Minion Tattoo

Minions meets Toy Story.

This little Army man

Toy soldier Toy Story Tattoo

Let’s not forget about those toy soldiers.

This tattoo of Woody holding Buzz’s arm

Funny Woody Toy Story Tattoo

Now did he rip it off or did it fall off? I don’t remember.

This Rock “N” Roll  themed tattoo

Rock n roll toy story tattoo

Now sure if I understand this tattoo. Elvis and the band Daughtry? Please correct me if I’m wrong.

This puzzling Woody tattoo

Woody Knife Toy Story Tattoo

Woody after he left the reservation.

Jess the Cowgirl

Jess Cowgirl Toy Story Tattoo

I love how she practically has her own font. We’ll call it “Times New Ropin.”

Another Mr. Potato Head tattoo

Mr. Potato Head Toy Story Tattoo

This time he has both ears.