50+ Incredible Lotus Flower Tattoo Designs

Everyone's favorite aquatic flower.

This large back shoulder work.

Colorful Lotus Flower Tattoo by Shio Zaragoza

Here we have a breathtaking red and purple design covering most of the subject’s back shoulder. (Photo: Shio Zaragoza)

These splashes of color.

Watercolor Lotus Tattoo by Shelayne Adcock

(Photo: Shelayne Adcock)

This mehndi lotus flower tattoo.

Lotus Flower Tattoo by Anderson Reis

A lotus flower begins it’s life deep in mud before rising one to two feet to the water’s surface. This design illustrates the journey each lotus flower takes before it’s time in the sun. (Photo: Anderson Reis)

This hidden buddha.

Buddha Lotus Flower Tattoo by Frank Tran

The lotus flower is one of the most well-known symbols of Buddhism. It’s believed that the lotus flower’s rise from the mud into the light signifies a persons path to enlightenment. (Photo: Frank Tran)

This decorative back work.

Intricate Lotus Flower Tattoo by Marikuroyama

This light pink lotus flower is almost overshadowed by the ornamental designs hanging from below. (Photo: Marikuroyama)

This geometric thigh tat.

Triangular Lotus Flower Tattoo by Yeliz Ozcan

A deep pink lotus flower set in front of a purple and blue cosmic galaxy.(Photo: Yeliz Ozcan)

 This dotwork design.

Dotwork Lotus Flower Tattoo by Kaique Miranda

(Photo: Kaique Miranda)

This lotus-flower-of-life tattoo.

Lotus Life Tattoo by Zdvyhl

The lotus is a perennial flower with its blooms lasting up to three days. (Photo: Zdvyhl)

This squiggly line.

Lotus Flower Tattoo by Liz

(Photo: Liz)

This tiny little lotus lamp.

Lotus Flower Tattoo on Back by Graffittoo

This tiny closed lotus flower looks more like a tiny artichoke.  (Photo: Graffittoo)