50+ Incredible Lotus Flower Tattoo Designs

Everyone's favorite aquatic flower.

This super-clean dotwork design.

Lotus Flower Tattoo by Joel

Beautiful negative space fern leaves adorn this diverse lotus-based design. (Photo: Joel)

This watercolor background.

Lotus Flower Leg Tattoo by Cristiano Fernandes

This calf tattoo was carefully back filled with a watercolor style to add a little color to an otherwise colorless piece. (Photo: Cristiano Fernandes)

And another dangling bead design.

Lotus Flower Tattoo by Jay Van Gerven

These watercolor accents are fairly interesting. Towards the top of the design the colors seem to be rising from the leaves like steam from a pot of water. On the bottom, the opposite effect takes place where the color seemingly drips from the petals as if it was applied while still wet. (Photo: Jay Van Gerven)

This pink lotus flower.

Pink lotus flower on forearm by Deborah Genchi

(Photo: Deborah Genchi)

This intricate mandala work.

Mandala-themed lotus flower tattoo by Laura S.

(Photo: Laura S.)

This brilliantly shaded back arm piece.

Brilliantly shaded back arm piece by Sarb

(Photo: Sarb)

This little unalome lotus flower.

Little unalome lotus flower on wrist by Mome Alvarado

(Photo: Mome Alvarado)

This decorative lotus flower.

Decorative lotus flower tattoo by Chris Jones

(Photo: Chris Jones)

This reoccurring theme.

Awesome Lotus Flower Tattoo by Back in Time

It’s easy to see why this design is so popular. (Photo: Back In Time)



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