Freckle Tattoos are a Thing, And Here’s 20 Awesome Examples

...why you should consider getting them yourself.

Freckle Tattoos are a Thing, And Here's 20 Awesome Examples

In case you didn’t know, freckle tattoos have become a pretty hot topic on social media as of late. Cosmetic tattoos have been around for a while—think eyebrow tattoos—but now people have taken things even further, dabbling in freckle and even beauty mark tattoos.

So if you weren’t born with them, think you would look better with them, or just don’t have enough of them, making the decision to get freckle tattoos can be an exciting experience that gives your face a little extra character.

In case you were wondering just exactly how realistic this new trend is, we’ve put together a comprehensive list of the best freckle tattoo jobs out there.

Freckle tattoos by Shaughnessy Kelly

(Photo: Shaughnessy Keely)

Tattooed freckles via LashBar901

(Photo: LashBar901)

Freckle tattoos by Sydney Dyer

(Photo: Sydney Dyer)

Freckle tattoo by Willow

(Photo: Willow)

Freckles and beauty mark tattoo by Dylan K

(Photo: Dylan K)

Freckle tattoos by Sarah Grisdale

(Photo: Sarah Grisdale)

Freckle tattoos by Kelly McLean

(Photo: Kelly McLean)

Subtle freckle tattoos by Sarah Grisdale

(Photo: Sarah Grisdale)

Adorable freckle tattoos by Blush Beauty Studio

(Photo: Blush Beauty Studio)

Cute freckle tattoos by Sara Strange

(Photo: Sara Strange)

Freckle tattoo additions by Rhiannon

(Photo: Rhiannon)

Freckle tats via Ghetto Tooth

(Photo: Ghetto Tooth)

Light brown freckle tattoos via BLB Studio

(Photo: BLB Studio)

Beautiful freckle tattoos by Ekaterina Freyja

(Photo: Ekaterina Freyja)

Horizontal freckle pattern tattoo via Andraea

(Photo: Andraea)

Brown freckle tattoos by Shaughnessy Keely

(Photo: Shaughnessy Keely)

Fun freckle tattoos via Manduh Smith

(Photo: Manduh Smith)

Cute freckle tattoos via Dani

(Photo: Dani)

Freckle tattoos by Theodore Nowakowski

(Photo: Theodore Nowakowski)

Freckle tats via Sacred Locs

(Photo: Sacred Locs)


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