45 Sister Tattoos That Will Go Down As Some Of The Greatest


These cherry blossoms.

Cherry blossoms by Alexandra Mix

(Photo: Alexandra Mix)

These queens.

Queens via Casta Tatau

(Photo: Casta Tatau)

These triangles.

Triangle sister tattoos via Monica Carrow

(Photo: Monica Carrow)

These glasses.

Sister tattoos via Matthew Larkin

(Photo: Matthew Larkin)

These elephants.

Matching elephants via Bayli Studley

(Photo: Bayli Studley)

These minimalistic hearts.

Minimalistic hearts via Julia Saccardo

(Photo: Julia Saccardo)

These ankle tats.

Matching sister ankle tats via Potte

(Photo: Potte)

This cute sister tats.

Cute sister tats via Birol Dincer

(Photo: Birol Dincer)

These floral sister tats.

Floral sister tats by Jhon Tavares

(Photo: Jhon Tavares)

There horns.

Sister tats by Wes

(Photo: Wes)


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