45 Sister Tattoos That Will Go Down As Some Of The Greatest


These matching ‘baby’ tats.

Matching Baby tats by Chang

(Photo: Chang)

These matching bird designs.

Matching bird designs by Poesia

(Photo: Poesia)

These matching Toy Story tats.

Matching Toy Story tats via Lady Agonist

(Photo: Lady Agonist)

These sister-stemmed flowers.

Sister-stemmed flowers by Jr Carrillo

(Photo: Jr Carrillo)

This floral sun and moon.

Floral sun and moon by Alida

(Photo: Alida)

These simple dots.

Matching sister tattoos via Shelby Downey

(Photo: Shelby Downey)

These matching watercolor sister tattoos.

Matching watercolor sister tattoos by Tina Hundertfarben

(Photo: Tina Hundertfarben)

These matching finger tats.

Matching finger tats by Christina Maid

(Photo: Christina Maid)

These personalities.

Sister tattoos via Jess Koala

(Photo: Jess Koala)

This sun and moon.

Sun and moon by Nuby

(Photo: Nuby)