45 Inspirational Travel Tattoos That Are Beyond Perfect

Permanent travel inspiration.

This simple world map tattoo.

Simple world map tattoo vie Kit Oates

(Photo: Kit Oates)

This cool forearm design.

Travel-inspired forearm tat by Jonathan Stone

(Photo: Jonathan Stone)

This colorful watercolor work.

Watercolor travel tattoo by Kaitlin Dutoit

(Photo: Kaitlin Dutoit)

This ‘traveler’ tattoo.

'Traveler' tattoo on wrist via Clara Held

(Photo: Clara Held)

This blackwork passenger plane.

Blackwork plane tattoo by Lucia Simovicova

(Photo: Lucia Simovicova)

This small heart-shaped ankle tat.

Love to travel tattoo by Channing

(Photo: Channing)

This watercolor passport stamp.

Watercolor passport stamp tattoo by Adam Poe

(Photo: Adam Poe)

These matching paper planes.

Matching paper plane tattoos via Aurora De Luca

(Photo: Aurora De Luca)

This blackwork travel tattoo on bicep.

Blackwork travel tattoo on bicep via Johnny Ward

(Photo: Johnny Ward)

This amazing mandala map.

Mandala world map tattoo by Mathieu Kes

(Photo: Mathieu Kes)