31 Breathtaking Full Back Tattoo Designs

I was just going to get a small butterfly, I swear.

TattooBlend Full Back Tattoos

Let’s face it, tattoos are addicting. So addicting in fact that anyone who’s ever gotten even the smallest of dolphin tattoos has at one time or another had grandiose visions of gapless sleeves, full back murals, and permanent relationships with their favorite tattoo artist that would make their significant others green with envy. But larger works aren’t for everyone. Significant ink works are time consuming, expensive, and for some, socially stigmatic. So for those of you who can’t commit right now or may even be in the midst of planning that perfect piece, here are a few full back tattoos to hold you over.

This magnificent lion.

Full Back Lion Tattoo by Paul Tougas

Paul Tougas comes through with an astonishing semi-transparent lion set against a bold blackwork honeycomb design. (Photo: Paul Tougas)

This colorful gesha.

Full Back Gesha Tattoo by xixinka

This full back mural features a fascinating combination of color and monochromatic tones. A geisha can be seen in the foreground surrounded by floating cherry blossom pedals. In the background traditional Japanese pagodas fade to mountainous peaks. (Photo: xixinka)

This spectacular jungle cat.

Jungle Cat Full Back Tattoo by Oleg Shepelenko

There’s something about tigers and large back murals that just go together. Or at least that’s how it seems from the countless examples floating around the web. This particular example is good enough to inspire another half dozen at least. (Photo: Oleg Shepelenko)

These elevated lines.

Lines Full Back Tattoo by Chaim Machlev

Known as “breaks,” these lines combine to form an abstract bust of a human. (Photo: Chaim Machlev)

This amazing skull.

Full Back Skull Tattoo by New Image

A jaw-dropping detailed skull that spans the entirety of this guys back. Notice the pink portion that indicates new ink. (Photo: New Image)

This ornate sampler.

Ornamental Full Back Tattoo by Dermadonna

Here we have a tantalizing smorgasbord of different shapes and styles. Defined mandala works morph freely into each other decorated with deep shading for a bold 3D effect. (Photo: Dermadonna)

This magical tree.

Pegasus Full Back Tattoo by Danielius Djačkovas

A bonsai-esque trunk twists and turns until it becomes the center of the cosmic universe. Notice the small staircase inviting you up. (Photo: Danielius Djačkovas)

These stone-carved angels.

Full Back Angel Tattoo by Jun Cha

Jun Cha’s renaissance-styled works continue to amaze and inspire. His brilliant display of portion and detail would make any of the Old Masters proud. (Photo: Jun Cha)

These peacock feathers.

Full Back Piece by Ael Lim Singapore

(Photo: Ael Lim Singapore)

This mandala reflection.

Mandala Full Back Piece by Daniel's Djackovas

If only inks never faded. This creative work features two parallel worlds separated by a backlit horizon.  (Photo: Danielius Djackovas)

These jade lovers.

Gorgeous Full Back Tattoo by Dmitriy Samohin

This gorgeous feminine full back tattoo features two jade-carved lovers locked in a passionate kiss. (Photo: Dmitriy Samohin)

This sideways glance.

Full Back Fact Tattoo by Victor Portugal

When viewed from the right angle, you get this sly glance from an undeniably seductive siren. (Photo: Victor Portugal)