45 Inspirational Travel Tattoos That Are Beyond Perfect

Permanent travel inspiration.

This creative creation.

Crazy cool travel tattoo by Nathaly Bonilla

(Photo: Nathaly Bonilla)

This fun little geometric dotwork design.

Fun little geometric and dotwork travel tattoo by Noam Yona

(Photo: Noam Yona)

This lowly connecting world map.

Connecting world map tattoo on feet via Lucas

(Photo: Lucas)

This sketched out globe tattoo.

Sketched out globe tattoo by Johandry Businesz

(Photo: Johandry Businesz)

These passport stamps.

Passport stamps by Ryan Tews

(Photo: Ryan Tews)

This foot tat.

World map tattoo on foot by Kaitlyn Garfoot

(Photo: Kaitlyn Garfoot)

This ankle tat.

Travel tattoo on ankle by Raice Wong

(Photo: Raice Wong)

This decorative global compass.

Decorative global compass tattoo by Lokesh Verma

(Photo: Lokesh Verma)

This world map wrist tattoo.

World map wrist tattoo by Bodies Need Rest

(Photo: Bodies Need Rest)

This perfect rib cage tat.

Adorable travel-themed rib cage tattoo by Aline

(Photo: Aline)



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