40+ Mesmerizing Dotwork Mandala Tattoo Designs

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40+ Mesmerizing Dotwork Mandala Tattoo Designs | TattooBlend

Not all mandala tattoos are created equal. In fact, tattoo artists have taken it upon themselves to make an already intricate design even more complex by illustrating the hypnotic reoccurring layers and patterns of the mandala flower using a series of strategically placed dots, known as dotwork or pointillism.

If you’re looking for a statement piece that celebrates complexity and creativity, then a dotwork mandala tattoo might be right for you. The best way to begin the design process is to go through as many different designs as possible to see what’s being inked while gaining inspiration for your design.

Dotwork mandala tattoos don’t have to be entirely made up of dots. Designs frequently include bold lines and other decorative shapes that are accentuated by the soft dotwork grouping. The perfect dotwork design is a rare thing, but we might have just found a few. Look at these images of expertly executed mandala tattoos and don’t forget to save and share your favorites!

This hand piece.

Dotwork mandala flower on hand by Alex Treze

These partial flowers centered on the thumb joint are a relatively popular trend when it comes to dotwork mandala tattoos. But these designs aren’t for the timid. There’s nothing tougher to conceal than a tattoo located front and center on the top of the hand.  (Photo: Alex Treze)

This geometric mandala tattoo.

Dotwork geometric mandala tattoo by Chris Jones

Mandala flowers are made up of layers upon layers of different patterns and styles. Some of the most beautiful designs are a complex mixture of linework, dotwork, geometric shapes, and negative space features. (Photo: Chris Jones)

This elbow ditch design.

Mandala flower in elbow ditch by Kayleigh Kerr

Artists love mandala designs because they cater to creativity at a level which is seldom matched. Because of this, it’s not often that you see exact copies or duplicate designs. This crook-of-the-elbow design features a symmetrical geometric center with creeping vines that reach out from the edges to create a wonderful naturalistic feel.  (Photo: Kayleigh Kerr)

This mandala tattoo with red ink.

Mandala flower with red ink by Matteo Nangeroni

Red ink and a heavy blackwork band give this mandala flower a bold finish and dynamic appearance that so many of these designs are known for. Only a few patches of reoccurring dots towards the outer edges of this design qualify it for the list, while framing the interior with a soft bokeh effect.  (Photo: Matteo Nangeroni)

This sanskrit symbol.

Mandala flower with sanskrit symbol by Chris Jones

Well spaced design elements give this piece a soft and clean appearance that somewhat resembles a snowflake with its feathered edges. More abstract mandala designs are starting to pop up as artists get more creative with the traditional mandala design.  (Photo: Chris Jones)

This fibonacci mandala tattoo design.

Fibonacci mandala tattoo design by Oliver Whiting

If you’re looking for a mesmerizing style of dotwork mandala, then this is it. The kaleidoscoping nature of the design looks as if you’re looking into a warp speed tunnel or down a magical rabbit hole. The reverse contrasting section shows off Oliver’s skill and creativity that’s made him one of our favorite blackwork artists.  (Photo: Oliver Whiting)

This half mandala wrist piece.

Half mandala wrist piece by Chris Jones

These half-cut designs are almost always found on the wrist or hand. The half mandala design perfectly compliments the wrist while giving everything that end-of-the-sleeve boundary that looks so good.  (Photo: Chris Jones)

This blackwork calf design.

Mandala flower on calf by Saskia Viney

Upon first glance this piece may not look like a dotwork design but on closer inspection you’ll notice that the entire design is made up of tiny black ink dots. The abundance of tiny shapes give this piece a level of intricacy that separates it from many of the other designs on the list.  (Photo: Saskia Viney)

Wrist to fingertips.

Mandala flower tattoo on hand by Eric Stricker

Wow. We don’t see very many of these. This epic mandala flower sampler includes spectacular geometric negative space details on the inner rings that are reminiscent of those spirograph stencils you played with as a kid. The heavy blackwork fill on the fingers definitely isn’t for the faint of heart. All those bones, ouch!  (Photo: Eric Stricker)

This mandala daisy design.

Mandala daisy design by Paula Moraes

If you’ve noticed, this list features several designs that have objects in the center eye of the mandala flower design. This large daisy is nice addition, with overlapping petals that leave you wondering which part of the design came first? Or was the entire design conceived together?  (Photo: Paula Moraes)

This ornamental mandala flower tattoo.

Ornamental mandala flower on back by Melow Perez

A statement/conversation piece if there ever was one. This is one of those designs that you can almost sell tickets to as people tend to stare in amazement for, well, as long as you are willing to let them.  (Photo: Melow Perez)