42 Wedding Ring Tattoos That Will Only Appeal To The Most Amazing Of Couples

These ring finger tat’s with a touch of color


A tuxedo and a ribbon with a heart. Not sure what they were going for here but the inclusion of a little color was a nice touch.

This key and heart


He’s got the key to her heart. These clever wedding band tattoos probably get a lot of “ouuus” and “aaaaaas”. A great idea for any couple looking to put a funny twist on things.

These wedding band tattoos


You would think that an article about wedding ring tattoos would include a lot more tattoos that are actually wedding bands, but it turns out that they just aren’t that popular. Instead, couples take it upon themselves to design unique and meaningful pieces that usually look nothing like real wedding rings.

Meet Jeff and Abby


These infinite love tattoos


These tattoos prove that love is forever.

Another key and heart


Beautiful design but someone forgot to put a key hole in the heart.

Always and forever wedding ring tattoos


On one ring finger is tattooed “Always”, and on the other “Forever”.

These wedding date ring finger tattoos


I wonder if these are covered up by wedding bands?

His and hers wedding ring tattoos


In case there is ever any question; she’s his property and he’s hers.

This gorgeous diamond ring tattoo


And here we have it, the most affordable diamond ring available. And the best part is, she’ll never lose it!

This tattoo is one of the highest quality designs you’ll see when it comes to wedding band tattoos.