42 Wedding Ring Tattoos That Will Only Appeal To The Most Amazing Of Couples

These wedding vow tattoos


Judging by the look of the hands, I’d say both of these hands belong to the same person. Did he or she marry themselves?

Another set of initial tattoos


It looks like these two have been together for a while! Congrats!

These Celtic wedding band tattoos



Not the best quality work but it’s the meaning behind the tattoo that matters! Right?

Hearts & Spades


Marriage is always a gamble, you never know how it’s gonna turn out!

These two promises


A daily reminder of a promise you made.

Mr. & Mrs. wedding band tattoos


We’re married and proud of it! Trying out those new titles in permanent ink because, well, why not!

This adorable heart shaped collaboration


When holding hands the fingers interlock forming a single heart. I wonder what they look like when apart? Maybe a half heart or two separate hearts?



A subtle reminder that you’ll always have someone to lean on. These simple designs are probably my favorite out of all the the designs I’ve looked at. It’s amazing how powerful a single word can be.


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