42 Wedding Ring Tattoos That Will Only Appeal To The Most Amazing Of Couples

These wedding date tattoos


What could be more awesome than getting the date of the big day tattooed under your wedding bands. And for the guys, you’ll never forget an anniversary!

These his and her skeleton wedding band tattoos


If all goes as planned, this is what the happy couple should look like in a hundred years. A constant reminder that you’re both in it for the long haul.

You get my name and I’ll get yours


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These colorful heart rings


These heart designs are amazing examples of what wedding ring tattoos can look like with a little creativity and planning.

This lion and lioness


Lions usually take multiple partners but I don’t think that’s the message these two were trying to send when they sat down for these epic lion tattoos.

These fun swirly patterns


Stray far from the norm with these unique swirling pattern designs.

These Roman numeral wedding date tattoos


Somethings are just two big to fit on the top of your fingers. These Roman numeral save-the-date wedding tattoos look great!

’til death do us part


You’re stuck with me forever! These tattoos display a fitting message in a gorgeous font that is sure to turn heads.

These barely-there initials


The font is a little tough to read but it looks like a “W” and an “R”. So simple yet so elegant.

These couple ring finger tattoos


Just another unique design. Doesn’t really resemble anything in particular to me.