40 Tiny Tattoos That Are The Envy of Every Insta Influencer

I'll call your tattooist and tell them you're coming.

This dog.

by B High

(Photo: B High)

If you don’t have at least one special pet in your life then I feel sorry for you because your life is seriously lacking. Kidding of course, but dogs are a way of life for some. Getting a tattoo that actually means something to you and that goes beyond aesthetic appeal will always be more special than one that doesn’t.

This itty-bitty heart.


(Photo: JOJO)

The heart is such a powerful symbol that it allows you to get away with teeny tiny designs. Minimalistic tattoos are the perfect solution for any girl looking to get her first tat but just isn’t sure. Tattoos that are easy to conceal are ideal for first-time inkers who are looking to get their feet wet.

These matching designs.

by Playground

(Photo: Playground)

While matching space tattoos are probably the last thing you and your bestie had in mind, after viewing these tiny designs out of Playground you may have an immediate change of heart.

This house.

by Playground

(Photo: Playground)

Pixar is responsible for more tattoo designs than watermelon-flavored wine coolers. Inspired by the popular animation UP, this tiny ankle tat is about as cute as cute can be.

This lotus.

by Fatih Odabas

(Photo: Fatih Odabas)

Lotus flowers can make for magical tattoo designs but the focus here should be the location. Centered, back-of-the-neck tattoos look amazing—granted the design itself has to be somewhat interesting. Hair up = on display. Hair down = no ink around.

These waves.

by IDA

(Photo: IDA)

If there’s a crisper, more tidy set of waves tattoos around then I’ve yet to see them. IDA went on a little Instagram hiatus (couldn’t locate her portfolio for a while) but I’m glad she’s back.

This wonderful phrase.

by Cagri Durmaz

(Photo: Cagri Durmaz)

Hakuna Matata. What a wonderful phrase. Is it just me or does the new Lion King movie look like it’s going to be terrible? I’m not very old school by nature. But the original Lion King was just so good that I don’t see any type of follow up film doing it justice.

Sign language.

by Arar

(Photo: Arar)

Did you know that sign language varies by nation and that there are currently over 135 different variations? I always thought there was only one form of universal sign language. Who knew?

This gradient rabbit.

by Nemo

(Photo: Nemo)

As I mentioned earlier, adding the right color gradient can make any design look good. I’m not saying there is anything wrong with this design, just emphasizing the power of color gradients.

These single line hearts.

by Nemo

(Photo: Tiny Tattoos)

Here we have an arrangement of four hearts all drawn with one continuous line as if the artist forgot to remove his pen from the paper. This super-secret location is, well, where you keep secretive tattoos that are only for you.


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