65 Tiny Girl Tattoos You’ll Easily Convince Yourself You Need

Inspiration, persuasion, and temptation.

65 Tiny Girl Tattoos You'll Easily Convince Yourself You Need | TattooBlend

You may not know it yet, but the toughest decision you’re likely to face this summer is about to reveal itself. So if you’re the impulsive type that constantly has to remind herself “no tattoos,” you might want to close this tab and head over to Yahoo News instead, because things are about to get tempting. 

Whether you’ve never been inked before and are looking for the perfect excuse, or are currently in the market for your next piece, but just haven’t found the right design yet, this article was created with you in mind.

Today we’ll show you some of the most beautiful and awe-inspiring tiny tattoos every girl dreams of someday owning. The best of the best. Nothing but pure temptation and unlimited inspiration. Enjoy!

This diamond-shaped floral design.

Diamond-shaped floral tattoo by Zihee

This list is full of tiny floral tattoos, because, well, what’s more beautiful than delicate flower petals and whisp-thin stems. Artists create so many of the designs because women just can’t seem to get enough of them, they were the song of last summer, the summer before that, and if things keep going the way they are this year, they’ll likely claim that spot again. That’s why seeing something a little different, like the design above, is a beautiful and creative breath of fresh air. (Photo: Zihee)

This little ankle tat.

Small floral ankle piece by Fatih Odabas

Here’s one of those delicate floral pieces we were just talking about. Incorporating the rounded bone in the ankle, the artist bends the stem to nicely compliment the anatomy, kind of like those gorgeous behind-the-ear tattoos that we’ve been seeing so much of lately.  (Photo: Fatih Odabas)

This crown and ring.

Crown and ring tattoos by Heejae Jung

Heejae Jung AKA Tattooist IDA continues to lure us onto her Instagram page with fantastic detail driven pieces likes this crown and black pearl ring. We had a photo of each individual design but ended up falling in love with the composition of this photo which resulted in us using one photo instead of two. We hope you don’t mind, but if you’re interested in taking a closer look at each individual design, head over to Heejae’s Instagram page for the close up shots.  (Photo: Heejae Jung)

This cosmic portal.

Cosmic portal by Tattoo With Me

These days it’s not too often that you come across black and grey ink galaxy work. That’s why when we first laid eyes upon this delightful back piece we just knew it was destined for this list. Right now floral crescent moons are quite popular and the way the artist uses one to open a portal into space is pretty cool.  (Photo: Tattoo With Me)

This beautiful back shoulder feather.

Blue feather tattoo by Doy As an artist, if you’ve got the single needle skills, there’s no better way to put them on display then by illustrating the subtle texture of a small feather. Perfect execution, along with the faint hint of blue makes this one of the most impressive feather tattoos we’ve come across in a long time. But then again, we find ourselves with similar words in our mouth every time we view one of Doy’s magnificent creations. (Photo: Doy)

This lavender shoulder piece.

Lavender shoulder piece by Tattooist Flower

What was it we were saying earlier about dainty floral tattoos? Oh ya, they’re absolutely friggin’ gorgeous. And we gotta say, we’ve seen a lot, and we mean, a lot of these type of tattoos lately but this one is in a league of its own. Aptly named “Tattooist Flower,” yes, that’s her handle, this Korean tattooist definitely lives up to her moniker. How long before people actually realize that this is a tattoo and stop trying to brush it off her shoulder? (Photo: Tattooist Flower)

This floral bouquet.

Floral bouquet by Sol Art

OK so if you didn’t already know, this is a temporary tattoo. But don’t for one second think you couldn’t lay down for half a day in Sol’s shop and leave with this identical design. Yes, she’s that good. Don’t believe us? Check out her Instagram page and be prepared to be amazed.  (Photo: Sol Art)

This simple arrow.

Simple arrow tattoo by Jon Boy

Sometimes simple satisfies like nothing else. This small arrow tattoo is straight, and to the point. You see what we did there? We were told one joke a day so that’s that. Anyways, whenever we think small and simple our thoughts always go straight to Jon Boy.  (Photo: Jon Boy)

This violet poppy.

Poppy tattoo by Heejae Jung

This is a poppy, we think. And it appears to be growing from inside this individuals shoe. How creative and cool. Also, this person is only wearing one sock and it’s green, like the earth.  (Photo: Heejae Jung)

These spring and winter maple trees.

Spring and winter maple trees by Doctor Woo

Trees are always the best way to illustrate the changing of the seasons. In the past, we’ve featured a number of different season-changing tree tattoo designs but none quite as detailed as the one above.  (Photo: Doctor Woo)